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TES Teacher Panel. Anyone interested?

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by Brummy Boy, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Brummy Boy

    Brummy Boy New commenter

    Happy holidays to you all. I have been asked to set up a panel of 5-10 of us who would like to contribute to the running of the PSHE & Citizenships section of the site. We would be reviewing resources making sure that the very best resources reach a wider audience. In addition we would have a platform to pass on any ideas we have regarding the structure of the site. There will be opportunities to contribute to the magazine and the newsletters that we get emailed. I am keen to hear from any interested people from any key stage. If you have any questions please ask on the board or PM me. NQTs and trainees are welcome. Hope to speak to you soon.
  2. Hi Brummy Boy
    I am interested in something like this. I am IoPSHE at my school and have taught it for 6 years in addition to my other subject. I cover KS3&4.
    May I ask, does this role involve meeting up in person and discussing, reviewing, etc or will it be done via PC/email?

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