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TES Story about national agency

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Agency_Worker, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. I used to be on the books of this agency and I found them very helpful and about the only agency that provided any form of training. But I have had no work from them for over a year now and think that I have since been removed from their books.
    But this agency now recruits cover supervisors on a supply basis now as well. To make matters worse I have seen adverts from them placed on a Reed website offering CS roles at a salary up to £145 a day - £30 more than they were paying me. Of course it may be that Reed are so incompetent that they may have misquoted that salary figure.
  2. I read the article, I thought how cynical of the agency. However it is great to see an agency named in the media for being what I perceive as cynical.
    I have had grave doubts on how the new regs will pan out for us lot.
    However I think a lot of agencies will have a problem continuing to operate at the levels they are used to.
    Us lot, nobody cares about us other than us.
  3. I think it will backfire on them. Schools are happy to use dodgy agencies providing they are cheap and nufink is said.
    However an agency which actually sort of says on record that it intends to flout the new regulations, I think is asking for bother, I wonder if some schools are that cynical they would enter into such a contract which essentially says, we intend to ignore the new regs, but no worries we will pay the legal bill for you if you get sued by some stroppy supply.
    I think schools will need a new position soon, job description 'School Legal Manager',
    I do have to giggle though as I find it difficult to believe any agency would be so cynical. because I find this stunt almost beyond belief.
    I am thinking of Colonel Kurtz in Apocolypse Now, 'acting beyond all the moral restraints of normal employed civilisation'
  4. I am personally not surprised by their approach as what they are suggesting as their 'work around' for AWR will probably see them needing to cash in on this policy quite a bit come January!
  5. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    It might be illegal and unethical but does demonstrate the problem many agencies and consequently their employees will face at the start of next year.
    I suspect that they will "get away with it" since thanks to market forces in this current economic climate there are plenty of people willing to work for the lower salary and schools prepared to employ them.
  6. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter


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