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TES Marvellous Baby & Toddler Department

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by hermione2001ie, May 10, 2007.

  1. I feel rather guilty about this but...

    I've breast fed for 5 weeks now with her having the odd bottle. But I just want to stop, but am unsure how to do it without my breasts exploding... There doesn't seem to be any advice I can find.

    can anyone advise?
  2. Emm - don't feel guilty, if you want to stop then that is fine.

    I have read somewhere that replacing a feed every few days would be the best way ie 1st day drop the 11am feed, a few days later drop the 2pm feed etc. That way you won't get engorgement or Mastitis.

    Hope it goes well x
  3. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Hi all, here are my words or wisdom (baring in mind all will probably make no sense with your babies))!!

    Em - i've just gone back to work (Jude is nearly 6 months too) and although i'm only 3 days it's working out really well. It's great that you're going back when she's a bit older, Jude is so up and down in his routines still. However once the first week was over, we've settled into routine and am really enjoying work (more than i thought i would):)

    Tigerlilly - all of thoses things sound totally normal - and exactly how Jude was. The projectile pooing - ah I'd forgotten about that already!!

    With the clammy skin - I can remember him having clammy skin in January so maybe, I don't know.

    Emmkit, I had to stop BF when I went back to work and even though I phased it out over 6 weeks my breasts went like rocks and have taken about a month to get back to normal - a few days of agony too. So be careful about stopping overnight but ask the health-visitor because i've heard you can get some tablets to help. But don't feel guilty if you're not happy - you've given her a really good start.

    Ooh and Marysdaughter my parents are having some similar adventures looking after my little boy while i'm at work (who incidently loves to 'go' in the bath)!! My mum's off to toddler group on Tuesday:)

    Bye all

  4. Thanks Katy :) x
  5. TL - poo sounds normal to me! I sterilise dummies once a day and wipe them with a Milton wipe if they go on the floor. I usually have Pete in a vest and T-shirt unless it's boiling - hth!

    Pete was a sod for the 2am feed as well - in fact, he used to start feeding at 11pm and not go down properly til 3am some nights. It's normal and he grew out of it.

    Em - I'm back full time and coping, but you have to be mega-organised. I'm on LG and usually have loads of meetings but the head has been fab and I can get out on time most nights, which helps.
  6. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Poo sounds normal to me too. Don't know about the clammy thing, but better to underdress than over dress. Henry just sleeps in a nappy at night when he's in bed with us. If he's in his moses basket, depending on how warm it is he either wears a vest or a babygro and I dont' really bother with a cover, he kicks it off.

    With the dummies, if he drops them I put them aside to be washed and sterilised. I've got a few on the go so we don't run out. Yesterday I bought a thing that you attach the dummy to that clips onto their clothes so it doesn't drop on the floor.
  7. Thank you florence and Hermione, appreciate your posts :)
  8. Hi has anyone ever used carobel food thickener?
  9. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Never even heard of it, sorry!
  10. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    no , me either - what is it Rossi?
  11. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

  12. Thanks Ladies! Just feeling a bit sad about leaving my baby but I have to go back so :-(

    I am sure it will all be fine once I have been back a few weeks and its not like she will be there all day every day.

    Thanks again (Hmmm now must remember what it is to be organised!)

    Emma x
  13. Does anyone elses baby have days when they hardly feed at all? Getting worried today :(
  14. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I wouldn't say hardly feed (thus far) but earlier this week Henry wasn't gulping back his usual 5oz. He was giving up at 3oz and bringing quite a bit back up which isn't like him. I think he had a bug or something.

    I don't know if you're breastfeeding but the woman at the breastfeeding clinic I went to said that sometimes they binge and sometimes they're not hungry-like adults the amount you eat can vary from day to day. I'd say that as long as the baby is well (no temp etc) then probably nothing wrong, just not hungry. As long as they're still producing wet nappies they're not dehydrated...that's teh most important thing. Ring your health visitor maybe??
  15. Thought I'd put in an appearance in baby dept. as Joe is now 4 weeks. Feeding ok with formula top up in evenings when I'm running short. Hes put on about 1 pound since birth and is slightly below where he should be but seems ok.

    I keep getting sties on my eyes anyone else get these and is there any cure, apart from more sleep?
  16. hi there, thought i would ost on this one as baby fluffy is 3 weeks old tomorrow. Things seem to be going well with the breast feeding, she has really taken to it.

    Has anyone else experienced the temper tantrums from their babies so early, in the past two days she just wants picking up and held all of the time, I cannot put her in her pram or crib without her screaming. At the minute she has been screaming for the past 5 minutes because I have got to the point where I am refusing to pick her up. Am I being mean?
  17. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I've been told and read in a few books that newborns cry for a reason, they're not wordly enough to be manipulative. Henry was the same (and still is sometimes) it's a process of elimination, hunger, temperature, tiredness, boredom, wind. Henry is 14 weeks today but I still consider him to be too young for controlled crying, so I think you are being a bit mean! But, everyone does things differently so I can't really say what's right or wrong.
  18. I do feel mean, but there are so many opinions out there. For example, my mum, who has had 6 kids, says that i should listen to the cries for a couple becasue sometimes they can settle themselves. I am starting to recognise the different cries now.

    The problem is that she is only settled when she is being held by me or lying on me, if i put her dwn she just screams and acreams, which is really poiling her sleep patter, for agin she will go to sleep in my arms, but not anywhere else. This has been going on for about two days, sometimes when she is really upset I can pop her on the breast and she does settle. I am exhausted!
  19. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Henry has never been able to settle himself. At best he cries and we can wheel him back and forwards in the pram at worst someone has to walk around and around the house with him. I've never been able to put him in his moses basket/crib/pram and he's fallen asleep by himself. I've probably made a rod for my own back but I find it less stressful giving him some assistance rather than sitting for ages with him watching him cry and writhe and hope he eventually goes to sleep.
  20. YOY


    Don't let anyone make you feel bad for hugging/holding/cuddling your baby! If that's what you need to do, then that's what you need to do. You can't 'spoil' a teeny weeny.

    However, when they just won't stop and you're struggling to deal with it... go through the checklist of problems you can fix - dirty, hungry, wet, wind, temperature and so on. If it's none of the above, and YOU need to walk away for the sake of your own sanity your baby will NOT come to harm by being left to cry somewhere safe like in the cot on his/her own for five minutes with you in another room. I remember that feeling of "please just stop!!!" and sometimes all you need to enable you to cope is to walk away for a moment.

    Make sure you accept any useful support from friends and family - but don't put up with interfering or demanding people. If someone comes to visit, they can make YOU a cup of tea. Sod being a good 'hostess' - you're the one likely to have sleep deprivation! And if the washing up stacks up and the hoovering doesn't get done for a while, it won't kill you.

    With my first, I found he always liked being taken out for walks from very early on. So even really useless people (like my dad!) could actually be helpful - send them out with the pram (and clear instructions about NOT leaving the baby outside shops - did I mention that he's useless?) for half an hour just to get some peace.

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