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TES Marvellous Baby & Toddler Department

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by hermione2001ie, May 10, 2007.

  1. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I found Lansinoh a bit too thick-it hurt to apply it and it stains like hell so beware! A friend who had a baby last year swore by Kamillosan cream (I think that's how you spell it). I used Boots own nipple cream and that worked pretty well.

    Persevere Snowy-sounds like you're doing better than I did...I'm sooooooooo jealous that you leak-so at least you know something's there! Unlike me... :-( My nips were agony for a couple of weeks, really toe curling but then it went off and now I don't feel anything at all really. Also, don't be surprised if you don't get much out when you express. Some people can't do it at all and for others it can take a while to get it right. Most books advise not starting pumping til the baby is 6 weeks...
  2. I got sod all through expressing until I went back to work last week - now I get 6oz in twenty minutes at lunchtime which does Pete for the next day as he won;t take a bottle - instead he has breastmilk on his cereal and a bit in a cup, then feeds like mad when I collect him.
  3. Lansinoh was great for me, kept nipples supple in between endless feeds. I have a lot of respect for anyone who perseveres, I only lasted four weeks of sheer agony despite being desperate to continue. Luckily (or not) my daughter had a medical condition which 'let me off'.
  4. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Well, I've had a bit of a breakthrough. Have been struggling to breastfeed Henry since birth (he's now 10 weeks). He wasn't putting on weight, was never satisfied after I fed him etc etc and only put on weight once we upped the formula top ups (he's put on best part of 2 lbs in 2 weeks!). Anyway, I'd been mainly attributing the problems to having a c section, being anaemic and being on beta blockers. It was getting to the point last weekend where I really need to do something. So I rang my local La Leche counsellor who suggested I go to the breastfeeding clinic on Friday. Well, I'm so so so glad I did. It transpires that yes the section and the other things have played a part in my not being able to bf well but also because I lost so much blood that might have affected my pituitary gland which in turn affects milk production. The most significant thing was discovering that as my boobs didnt' grow AT ALL when I was pregnant that this means that I more than likely have insufficient milk producing bits. I may also have a hormonal problem. The relief knowing that the problems I've had aren't down to anything I've not done...god! But I'm very annoyed with my doctor, health visitor and midwives who never thought to refer me to a breastfeeding specialist. Now that I am armed with this knowledge there may be something I can do to improve my chances of being able to breastfeed subsequent children.

    Anyway, my reason for saying this is if you're new to breastfeeding and having problems and noone seems to be listening ring the La Leche folk or refer yourself to the local breastfeeding clinic-it was sooooooooo worth it.

    *here to help* ;-)
  5. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I'm glad you've got some reasons now.

    I know what you mean about the relief.

    A couple of times, I've had one nipple get really blistery, bleeding a little. The first time I just put her on the other side two or three times running, and tried to get her back on that side as soon as I could bear it.

    The second time, I went to the doctor, half expecting "so what, your nipple's a bit sore". He took one look, said it was infected and "you don't want to have to feed her with that", and gave me a course of antibiotics. I fed her entirely on the other side for 3 days, expressed a bit from the sore one (in the bath, at first), but I just felt so liberated to be told it was okay not to use it!
  6. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

  7. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Hello, glad you got some answers Hermione, it must be relief.

    I'm not feeding anymore and Jude's been on formula for about a month but has just started to be really sicky again - he's on SMA gold. My s-i-l said i should change to the next milk but he doesn't finish his bottles - do you know if I should change it?
  8. You could try the follow on milk Katie and see what happens. Pete still won't take a bottle - he has a little bit of milk from a cup and some water, then waits for me to pick him up and has a massive breastfeed. So really he's only having breastmilk and solids...not bad at 6 months!
  9. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Hi I have not been around for a loooong time - it will be about 8/9 mths - has it really been that long? I remember you expecting hermione2001ie but obviously I am behind on the news! Congratulations!!
  10. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Florence I think you're doing really well. I do wish I was still breast feeding Jude but after I reduced it to two feeds a day he was just getting nothing. I now wish i hadn't gone back to work til September - ah the benefit of hindsight!
  11. Me too Katie - I know it's only half a term (4 weeks and 3 days now!) but I wish I'd said I was going back first week of the holidays. Couldn't afford it though. Bad night with teeth last night, so off to bed now in the hope of a kip before Pete wakes up.
  12. Hi, how are we all.
  13. Can anyone help?

    2 week old doing well with breastfeeding but at the 2am feed he empties both breasts and still does not seem satisfied.
    He screams and it takes me an hour or so to get him back off again.

    Would it be ok to top him up with formula after the breastfeed at this time?

    Thanks , hope everyone is well :)
  14. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    That's what I've been doing with Henry since he was a week or so old. I'm still feeding him myself but produce very little. There is a danger that if you do give him formula he might not want to feed from you as much and then in turn you'll produce less...that's the theory anyway. It hasn't been so for me. I still make eff all but Henry still likes a nibble on mummy!

    Sometimes they (newborn babies)will sit on you and feed for a long time, I think that's "normal." You may well find he only does this for a couple of weeks then slips into another routine of his own design. Yes sitting for an hour at 2am is a pain in the butt but if he's doing ok weight wise and is happy feeding from you and not grizzling after a feed for more at other times then I'd persevere without formula. Also, have you tried feeding him lying down in bed? Absolute godsend. Lie on your side. It's soooo much more relaxing and you'll find you both fall asleep. It'll give you a much better night's sleep. Co sleeping has been great for us and means I get more sleep and can function better during the day. We've temporarily put our duvet away and have a couple of blankets and a sheet. Strip him down to his nappy so he doesn't get too hot. Oh another way to feed lying down is for you to lie on your back and have him lie on his front on you, let him root for your nipple. Apparently, according to BBC website this is a very effective way to feed as it stimulates more reflexes.

    You could also telephone teh NCT and La Leche helplines and or go to a local group OR ask your midwife/HV if there's a breastfeeding clinic nearby. I went to one and it was fab, very very knowledgeable people there.

    Best advice is don't let it start getting you down. I struggled for 9 weeks before I got proper advice at the clinic. Trust your instincts and don't feel guilty about anything.

    Good luck!
  15. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    I've been thinking about your issue more overnight Tigerlily, oh, and if it's any consolation, Henry woke up to be fed at 12 and then refused to settle til nearly 2 and that was after a bottle AND a breastfeed. Sorry! Anyway, some 'experts' say it's good to get your baby to get used to a bottle sooner rather than later if you plan on giving them expressed milk or want to go back to work earlier. Tracy Hogg (Baby Whisperer) says give one bottle feed a day i.e. at night (I read it up this morning). The reason why they suggest this is that older babies MAY reject a bottle if they're only used to nipple sucking action (ohhhh maaaaaaaaaaatron!)Anyway, at the end of the day noone can tell you what to do. All babies are different and everyone's personal circumstances are different.

    Hope last night was a better night for you x
  16. Thanks Hermione, lots of good advice and lots to think about. Was a very different night last night, whereas he has only been waking for a feed once in the night but that feed took 2 hours he wokr 3 times for lots of quick feeds! He settled really well after each one too.
    Just as you think you are getting into a routine......

    Thanks again for your advice, hope Henry is doing well :)
  17. Can a grandma join the department - I do look after my 18 mth old grandson for about half the time every week (including nights)?! My daughter and her OH both work shifts so would find it impossible to get childcare otherwise. They split up about five months ago, so things are even more complicated - I now have to do a colour-coded timetable every week, so we all know who is having him when. Some days he's backwards and forwards three times. He seems fine, and is quite happy with each of us, but I do wonder how he'll adapt when he gets a bit older. Has anybody had experience of a similar situation?

    On a lighter note - had a great start to the day when I put gs in the bath and ran into the bedroom to get him some clothes. I got back to find him saying, "poo, poo" and pointing proudly at what he'd done in the water. He couldn't understand why he was suddenly whisked out and wrapped in a towel, while grandma scooped out lumps of poo onto a baby wipe! Grandad (who was in the middle of cleaning his teeth)left the bathroom, heaving!

    Oh the joys of grandparenthood....:~)
  18. Hi all

    Have finally made my way over here!! Still read the Maternity Department and I cant believe how many babies have been born! Congrats to all you new Mummies! My Little girl is nearly 6 months now and is doing so well. Only thing is I cant believe how time flies and it wont be long before I go back to work :-( Unfortunately I have to go back full time. Does anyone have any advice or experiences on this? She will be 8 months when she starts at the childminder and will be in for 3 and a half days as my husband has Mondays off and my boss has kindly agreed to me having my PPA time at home. Am so worried though.

    Hope all Mums and babies doing well! xxxx
  19. I seem to be worrying about loads at the moment! Thought it would be easier being a second time Mum!

    1. Breastfed babies, is it normal for them to have watery poos?
    2. Is it normal for them to have alot of poos, some which are projectile?!! We keep getting covered in the stuff!
    3. Sometimes he feels quite clammy on his forehead, cold but sweaty. Midwife told us to put him in a vest and a babygro but I reckon he is too hot. Do hot babies feel clammy though or is he ill?
    4. Dummies, do you sterilise them regularly or are they ok to be used a few times before sterilising them?

    Think that's it for now. I know these are mad questions but they have been playing on my mind this morning so thought I would seek advice from you lovely people :)

    Thanks x

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