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TES Marvellous Baby & Toddler Department

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by hermione2001ie, May 10, 2007.

  1. morning star

    morning star New commenter

    Rossi - our bedtime routine when Tiddles was little:

    Turn lights down low and put same music on. I bought a CD of sleepy music from Woolies but anything New Age and soporific does the trick.

    Bath baby. We found that a bucket was better than a bath for number 3 but both the others were fine in a bath. Use one of those bath supports so that you're not worried about dropping wriggly little wet eel.

    Take baby upstairs and place on bed which has been liberally sprayed with lavender water. Massage with olive oil listening to another quiet restful bit of hippy music.


    Put baby in bed.

  2. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    Morning star - I agree with the comments about Gina Ford, I hadn't really read any books until baby was three weeks old and then only because friends said "you must read this". Some books had odd bits of use but Gina Ford is very patronising. Jude's routine at the moment is rougly as follows:
    Wake up at 7 (he does this naturally)
    Get into bed with Mum, feed & play for a while.
    8 ish back to bed for an hour!
    9 - breakfast, play, go out
    11 ish bottle & sleep (either in car/pushchair or bed depending on where we are - usually for a couple of hours but can be on and off)
    3 ish breast feed (& sometimes 20mins nap)
    5.30 supper / play with Dad
    6pm - kick with nappy off
    6.15 - 6.30 bath
    6.30 feed (I usually lie on my bed & feed Jude with curtains closed to make it dark. I watch TV quietly)
    6.50 bed. (Jude falls asleep feeding normally)

    This routine has developed naturally (aside from bedtime), i never tried to get him in a routine and didn't even realise he was in one til a friend pointed it out:) Most days something varies but I never really keep track of it.

  3. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    OH yeah & Jude sleeps in his own room, has done since he was 2 1/2 weeks because he used to grunt in his sleep (it was a nightmare) :)
  4. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Routine?? Blimey!!! We just wing it on a daily basis! Henry seems to be different every day. Today he woke up at 5ish in a right old mardy mood. I've not been able to do anything today-everytime I've tried to put him down he's started wailing after 5 mins. I don't go rushing to him-let him cry for min or two....My health visitor said to me "please tell me you're not using Gina Ford-I see so many people depressed because of her." I do have her book but I really don't like her bossy tone-so I'm not using it!The best baby book I've come across is The Rough Guide to Babies which I read cover to cover before H arrived. Mind you, all the books I've looked at are written assuming you've had an easy, or more textbook, vaginal or section delivery. I've certainly not fallen easily in to routines etc. I think we'll just keep playing it by ear...if I try to establish routines I think I'll end up wound up and stressed.
  5. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    When Jude was Henry's age we had no real routine, it just developed itself. I agree & wouldn't worry about it as it happens naturally :)
  6. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    If anyone is thinking of using real nappies we've just had use of a free trial kit from our local nappy network. We've opted for Motherease all in ones. We thought that it would be more cost effective to choose nappies which go from birth to potty. Also, several reviews on different websites say that they wash well and will do 2 children. I've ordered a kit from a website called Twinkleontheweb

    This site's kit deal was better value than the one from my local group as it gave you control over how many of each thing you want and you can choose not to have certain things, ie lavender oil. The whole lot came to £190-delivery free with first order. If anyone wants to know what we're getting for that amount let me know and I'll email you details.

    Just thought I'd share our findings :)
  7. Ooh, be careful what you say about Gina Ford as she might try to sue TES. I have very strong opinions about her methods. I don't think that they make for happy babies. I think it is cruel to leave a child to cry when they are very little. They stop crying because they stop relying on you. The Tracy Hogg has some good ideas but I can't make the EASY method work, little bear always sleeps after a big feed.

    I don't have much of a routine save bath- time at 7 and last feed at 8.30. Thought it would sort itself out at about this time (4 months) but it hasn't and I don't care. I've given up all books except Miriam Stoppard because she mostly agrees with me. He is very relaxed and happy and developing very fast. Little bear slept in our bed at first but will happily sleep in his own basket all night now. It was partly a measure of desparation because I so badly needed sleep after the c-section but it worked for us. Your instincts protect you. Also I think that he would only sleep next to me because that's where he'd been sleeping for nine months and needed time to adapt. If you don't drink or smoke and the room isn't too hot then the risks are tiny.
  8. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Not such a good day for us today - the first corner of tooth appeared yesterday, and obviously this morning was when it really began to get painful. She's now asleep on my knee and I'm getting bored, but I don't want to disturb her.
  9. Oh dear! What age does teething generally start? How are we all and our lovely babies today?
  10. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    As far as I can make out, teeth are the most variable thing about. I think 8 months is typical, but there are even cases of babies being born with teeth.

    What you'll find is that every time the baby does anything different, from about 4 months onwards, someone will tell you it's a sign of teething - chewing fist, dribbling lots, crying more than usual, pongier nappies, etc, etc.
  11. Hope you don't mind a visit from someone whose days of dealing with babies and toddlers are well in the past. My kids are aged 30 and 18.

    You'll save yourselves a small fortune (and some of the Earth) if you use real nappies. There's no need to sterilise them in a bucket etc just put them on a boil wash and they're clean. Then dry them outside or on your radiators and it's FAR cheaper than buying disposables. I only used those when we were travelling.
  12. Hi girls and babies! Not been around for a while as we've been on Pete's first holiday - fantastic week, barring a bit of rain, one huge tantrum in a pub and an interesting nappy incident in a National Trust loo!!! Holidays with a baby aren't like holidays used to be!

    Back home now and due back at work in a fortnight - can't believe it's gone so fast and really don't want to go back yet bt there's a mortgage to pay so hey ho. Just starting to wean Pete which is fun - he's loving baby rice and is having some carrots tomorrow. It's very time consuming though - having to sterilise etc rather than just whip a tit out!

    Hope you're all well and happy - have a good weekend!
  13. Hello, can I join? My little girl is 11 days old today, born on bank holiday monday. Looking forward to chatting to you all xx
  14. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    J is a telly adict. He's on the floor laughing at Vernon Kay's gameshow marathon! Covered in yoghurt and carrot. I'm shattered as did the Race for Life today but unfortunately am still carrying a good stone of pregnancy weight that i'm not used to running with - made it bloody hard work:)
    I'm back to work after 1/2 term too Florence - hasn't it gone fast?! Still not long til summer hols...
  15. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Congrats twinkle :) Hope it's all going well. My little boy was 6 weeks yesterday. He's doing well now-was up to 7llbs 4 oz last week (lost lot of weight in first week) and is getting really long! No smiles yet though.
  16. Can I join for advice, even though I don't have the baby yet?!!

    Looking for advice from all you experienced people. I am in the process of adopting and the baby will most likely be under 12 months of age. I do not live in the UK so don't have access to the normal major department stores so I am shopping around.

    What are the minimum requirements in terms of furniture, clothes, accessories (bottles) etc for a baby under one year? I've got the basics on the list - car seat, cot (are matresses normally included in the price?), pushchair (or pram?). How many sets of everything - sleeping suits etc? Plus has anyone here ever done adoptive breast feeding, and do you have any tips?

    Hope this is an ok place to post this. Had a look on the rest of the personal forum, and this seemed the most likely place to get sound advice.
  17. hermi, congratulations, you must have had the baby whilst I was busy finishing off my degree. Gosh, it doesnt seem 2 mins since you said you were pregnant! You'll have to fill me in on all the gory details and of course the little one!!
  18. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Some cots include mattress, some don't.

    Don't bother with a dresser because they're useless once the baby can roll/wriggle. Changing mat, baby bath depending on age (we're still using ours at 9 months because my knees won't cope with using the big one, not when she won't sit still for 2 seconds - we're going to have to graduate soon though), rocker/bouncer chair for a tiny, highchair over about 6 months. Weaning: ice cube trays and small tubs are useful for freezing portions, but don't go overboard on buying little bowls, as the portion sizes increase fairly soon. We often just use a normal cereal bowl, while we're still keeping it out of reach.
    Clothes: I think we needed 6/7 bodysuits and outfits when she was tiny - it partly depends on how much laundry the rest of the household generates, and how much the child pukes up all over sheets/blankets - we didn't generate a whites load that quickly. When she started weaning she generated a bib per meal and an outfit per day, minimum.
    If you can get anywhere you can try out pushchairs, I'd recommend it. You want the handle at a good height for you, and we found that with some we were forever kicking the axle. I'm really happy with what we ended up with, but some of the others got ruled out very quickly in the shop.
  19. hermione2001ie

    hermione2001ie New commenter

    Re baby stuff. Ebay is great for vests and babygros-that's where all mine came from, got loads for around £10. I didn't buy any other outfits as I didn't know whether I was having boy or a girl but since Henry has been born every man and his dog have bought him clothes! He has sooooooooo many dungaree sets! John Lewis do a nice moses basket for £30ish but be prepared for your wee one not liking to sleep in it...depends, some do some don't, you can't predict. The changing dresser-I got one for £15 from Freeads...it's great as I had a c section and don't find doing stuff on floor massively comfortable-though I know this aspect won't apply to you :)My pram/pushchair is a Silver Cross travel system, one of the few prams/pushchairs where the seat can face both ways. Apparently it helps language development to have them facing you so you can chat to them, that's why I chose this one.

    Oops, just read that you don't have access to department stores-sorry, still others might find the recommendations useful!

    Baby websites like Bounty and Babycentre have lists which suggest what you need to get for baby. Also, you could post on there and get advice more specific to your situation.

    Best of luck with it all Scunnered.

    Soapboxgirl, thanks! Henry was born on 7th April by emergency c section. I had a placental abruption and it was all a bit horrendous but thankfully he was fine and I'm getting over the whole thing gradually. He is lovely though :0)(am very biased!)
  20. I had an emergency section with my first, and it took me a good while to get over it, even though things all turned out fine in the end - if you ever feel the need to talk, just holler! ;0)

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