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TES Forums: Let's be Pedantic

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by happygreenfrog, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Yet another new layout for the TES; seems a yearly event now.

    Interesting to see the forum stats which state over 2million messages have been contributed. I was rather confused by that as my own account 'count' has started again from zero, with all previous messages not contributing to my total. One assumes all members have found the same on logging in, which begs the question, how can the forum count be anything other than zero as well, given all member messages are no longer being counted?

    Bit of inconsistency and nonsense going on here.
  2. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    Good question.
  3. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    Another one is why some people who were being moderated on the old site are not being moderated here, while those not moderated on the old site are being moderated here?
  4. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    I've also asked why posts made 4 days ago still haven't appeared but am still waiting for a reply.
  5. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    @WaylonWu Would you like to give me the names of those members that you refer to in a PM to me and my colleague @TES_Will?
  6. WaylonWu

    WaylonWu Established commenter

    @TES_Rosaline @TES_Will Members on the old site mentioned this in various threads. I seem to remember the name Bev being mentioned a couple of times as moderating people on the new site but not the old one. There seemed to be quite a bit of resentment and bewilderment concerning the reason why. You will also remember my mentioning to you that this has happened with me when I started using the new site after having been taken off moderation on the old site. But even if I could remember specific members' names I would not be able to PM you as I've mentioned several times that there is no "start conversation" link on my page and you have not been able to PM me either, probably due to this.

    But I was wondering the same as happygreenfrog. Or rather something similar, namely, how is it that some members have retained their original post count from the old site while others have started from scratch on the new site? For myself, my current 68 posts is actually 200+ if my posts on the old site are included. I ask because this seems quite a major discrepancy to happen between some members and others. Is this another bug?

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