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TES elements renewal problems

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ruthsdixon, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. ruthsdixon

    ruthsdixon New commenter

    Hi - Has anyone else had any problems with their TES renewal? Mine renewed on the 4th May but I wasn't aware of it happening. Didn't receive an email, but in all honesty, it could have just gone into spam. My account wasn't debited though until the 24th May. I've contacted TES, but they said I had to cancel within 14 days of the account renewing...and it's in the T&C's. However, it's hard to know when the money isn't taken from your account until after the cancellation period and you didn't get an email to know it was being debited or that you could cancel!
    I know I could have checked the account details to see when renewal was due... but like most, I have a lot of subscriptions I sign up too and I depend on the emails! Life is too busy as a teacher and parent to diary all these things in too! Is mine just a one-off bad luck situation or have others had the same problems?

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