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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by historygrump, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I repeat Karra's message, just in case some are having difficult emailing her
    If you have seen inappropriate job adverts for cover supervisors then let us know (kerra.maddern@tes.co.uk or newsdesk@tes.co.uk).
    also if you issues contacting go via Mike Shaw, he may help pass emails on or ensure that karra puts the correct email address on it, if she as not already.
  2. Please explain to me how can a CS without a Gcse in maths be allowed to teach Gcse maths on a permanent basis, which a teacher in a permanent post reported in a post and unfortunately there are too many examples of unqualified support staff teaching..
    I was at an NASUWT conference some years ago and spoke to a MFL HOD and they had a cover supervisor with an "A" level in German teaching the A level German in their dept.!!!
    I was pretty astounded and outraged but he basically said that she was cheap and did "cover supervision" for the rest of her time at the school. He (MFL/HOD) did not bat an eyelid and seemed to think that this was okay..
    I am pretty sure that, whilst this is NOT the norm, that it DOES go on.
    It does make me wonder why I bothered getting the PGCE and two German degrees..
    Kids deserve good qualified teachers and nothing less will do.
  3. And there lies the problem we are stuck with !
  4. Being in primary I have never had a cover supervisor but I have had TAs. I can understand them covering the lesson if a teacher has to go home ill or something but when the teacher was going to go on a course they asked me (the student) if I would teach the class. As this was my final practice iwas happy too and made a comment about how they wouldn't have to find a supply teacher for next week. The school then told me that they never hired supply teachers because the TA covered. Then I thought to my teacher mentioning that she had been off for a week (just before I arrived) meaning that theTAcovered her for a week. The TAherself was lovely and fairly capable of teaching but I was shocked. I went home to ask my housemates whether that was allowed? But we didnt know!
  5. Well, clearly the government didn't think so, or these jobs wouldn't exist.
    Who knows? Has anyone done a countrywide survey of all CS's to find out exactly what qualifications they hold, and their IQ?
  6. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    The biggest problem as I see it is the <u>misuse</u> of cover supervisers. I'm sure we all know of schools that use them for longer than the 3 days emergency situation.
    (The last job I had was a temporary pt post, but because of the six week wait for my CRB, my TT was taken by a cs for A WHOLE HALF TERM!)
    Also, when I recently worked at a school that uses me as a casual cs, they employed me for my own subject for a block of time. I was expecting supply rates, but in fact got only cs rates.
    It is an absolute disgrace.
  7. Agree totally.

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