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Terrible Mock Exam Results - advice, please (English)

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by yafflebag, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. yafflebag

    yafflebag New commenter

    Our mock exam results on Higher Tier AQA for English are really disappointing. My class only had about 6/34 getting C or above.

    I can see what several of the problem areas are and I don't think we should be entering so many for the higher tier but I am really worrying about the amount of U grades we are looking at. Even with CAs quite a few would be E/F/Gs. Having said that, pupils haven't attempted questions (or sections), haven't written in paragraphs and haven't planned responses. They have clearly not done any revision out of lessons and even then haven't followed the advice or methods we went over in class. It's so frustrating. I just feel like a rubbish teacher.

    I guess I'm just wondering what other people have done when they have bad mock results (I suspect there are a lot of us out there).

    The Foundation results are more promising but from lower groups (and when put with current CA marks would go down to D/E/F).
  2. K.Wellborne

    K.Wellborne New commenter

    Do't panic yet! If this is the first time through, remember that they aren't used to such a long exam and they can shut down. one of mine said "Oh I didn't realise there was a question 5 and 6."
    What they need is:
    lots and lots of practice of each question
    If your school has the funds- invest in workbooks that they can take home.
    Get Parents onside by regular feedback to them and setting very regular homework.
    Encourage wider reading of broadsheet newspapers- perhaps in form time?

    They will improve but perhaps you could ask SLT for another mock opportunity in Feb/March time to show progress and help them really nail the timing issues.
    Oh and tell them they would get a U - some of them don't understand that if you don't answer questions, you cant get the grades!
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  3. yafflebag

    yafflebag New commenter

    Thanks! We have asked about another mock and will be having one.

    The kids do know they'd get a U- and they know they should answer the questions and write in paragraphs etc. I'm really frustrated that they haven't followed advice etc but I know they are kids and there's time. I guess I'm more concerned about parent responses and what SLT must think.

    I agree that we need to go over and over it. I feel like we need time to get on with it; I just hope we all get there in the end!
  4. Nead2604

    Nead2604 New commenter

    I do loads of in class exams...or parts of the exams. I remind them all the time what the exam will look like, what the examiners are looking for. Everything they do in English is PEE paragraphs and I am strict about writing in paragraphs with the 5 paragraph rule and EVIDENCE . Just keep drilling it into them.
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  5. VeronicAmb

    VeronicAmb Occasional commenter

    Is this just your class? Maybe you just have a really lazy class this year? If it was seen throughout the whole of Year 11, then maybe it's a year thing and needs to be approached by HoY in assembly about the outcome of their GCSE English mocks.

    If they are not following your advice for whatever reason, could you not get your HoD/KS4 Coordinator to intervene by not given them a telling off, but making it clear that their performance is not acceptable with a 5 mins speech in one of your lessons? I've done this a few times as HoD just to "scare" them a little bit that I don't want to be dealing with their poor exam results.

    For me, it's always worked aha!
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