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Terms and conditions for ta's and hlta's

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by debmorris, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hi there, I work as a hlta in a primary school and our local authority are now going to change our terms and conditions. They are moving us from 52/52 to 46/52 contract. I know this has happened in other parts of the country so am asking: has this happened to you? did you try and fight it? and what happened? Any advice would be very welcome, many thanks.
  2. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    <address>All the local authority staff in our area (not just schools staff) had Single Status imposed on them - though the imposition ran a year later in schools than for central staff - we had three days of strikes and tried very hard to fight against it but, in the end, it was just brought in regardless and with people not prepared to start a long-term strike the unions couldn't do anything more. </address><address></address><address>The authority issued notices of redundancy and staff either signed the contracts or were deemed to have accepted them by default if they continued working after the date their redundancy notice expired. I don't know of any employee (and I work for the biggest council in the country) who accepted redundany so there were no unfair dismissal claims made to try and beat the system.</address><address></address><address>The only consolation I can offer is that here the changes were generally beneficial in terms of pay for all but a very small number of unqualified level 2 TAs. We didn't get as big a pay rise as we should have done because of the term-time only changes but most TAs did get a rise and were just too grateful for it to be prepared to do any more.</address><address></address><address>If you search on here and other TA forums you will find that many areas did indeed try to fight when Single Status was brought in but, so far, none has been successful in preventing the changes being implemented - I do, however, believe that changes to school support staff contracts would almost certainly have been much worse if those staff had not taken any action at all - don't think the LEA really expected us to close schools but we did - site supervisors, kitchen staff, lunchtime supervisors and TAs withdrew their labour and the schools couldn't open. </address><address></address><address>Incidentally, I don't know if you are saying that these changes are only going to apply to HLTAs. No-one in this LEA was put on to an HLTA contract until 2005 and at that time we were changed to term-time only working anyway - it was either take the job or reject it at that time as it was a new role and didn't fit with the existing TA pay structure which had already been changed in 2004.</address>
  3. Thanks Ophelia 9. We went through single status and our wages went up but they didn't change our contracts. Now the council are saying they must change our contracts or they will be open to equal pay claims from other employees.. I can see their point but other employees do not have fixed holidays as we will have and can have flexi-time etc. A union rep from Newcastle hinted that their Ta's had got a better deal so that is why I've started this post to see what other authorities had done. I will be losing &pound;1300 a year which I can't afford! Also other employees who lost money through single status had a 3 year protection period which we are not being offered. If they can do it to Ta's and HLTA's why aren't they doing it to teachers! I am an HLTA who completely covers PPA so am doing the same job as a teacher, it's so frustrating. Apparently we will now be classed as part time workers!
  4. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Yes we were told it was an equal pay issue too and that no TAs could be employed on all year round contracts any more but I have been told by someone in another area (not Newcastle but also Northern) that they are still on these contracts! I did consider asking the union to take it up but realised that all that would happen in the end was the other region would lose out and I decided I wouldn't do the dirty on someone else.

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