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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by laura080269, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hiya

    Just a thought...we have a new HT who is lovely, dynamic and a really super lady.
    She refers to the teachers as staff.....
    So what then are the TA's?

    Answers on a postcard...
    Seriously tho' we all get ticked off...if they are staff then really what are we classed as?

  2. Hiya

    Just a thought...we have a new HT who is lovely, dynamic and a really super lady.
    She refers to the teachers as staff.....
    So what then are the TA's?

    Answers on a postcard...
    Seriously tho' we all get ticked off...if they are staff then really what are we classed as?

  3. Support staff?
    We are all known as staff but only teachers have to go to Staff Meetings!
  4. LOL
    Maybe.....so far we aren't anything...yet!
    It is off putting but maybe it's usual...is it?

  5. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Our current head did the same when she first started - eventually I had to tell her (not in a heavy-handed way) that it wasn't acceptable. She has stopped now though it took her a while and required some reminders along the way! Tell your head that everyone employed in the school is a staff member (and some heads also consider 'teaching staff' to include TAs as well as teachers) - if she is referring to teachers then that's what she should say.
  6. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    technically all employees of the school are staff (Including the Head) do you find the word objectionable or just a separation between assistants and teachers?
  7. Anyone working in the school is a member of staff. Teachers are usually referred to as teaching staff and teaching assistants as non-teaching staff or support staff. The term support staff is really meant to include anyone employed by the school in a supporting role, eg mid-day supervisors, caretakers, cleaners, kitchen staff, etc.
    I think your head teacher really means teaching staff when she refers to the staff. I can understand how this may make you feel like the teaching assistants aren't being counted as part of the team and could also lead to confusion at times. However, she is probably completely unaware that she is causing any upset. She seems a good sort, so why not diplomatically ask for clarification of whom she is referring to next time she says this?
  8. My Head, ( who considers themself as left wing), refers to teachers as staff and all other empoyees as associate staff.
    In the olden days in factories etc the distinction between shopfloor workers and office staff was how they were paid, shopfloor workers working class) were paid hourly and office staff (middle class) yearly, plus other terms and conditions generally favouring office staff. As support staff are paid hourly I think Heads are remembering the "good old days" when "the help" knew their place. Also teachers are considered professionals and support staff are not
  9. Hiya

    Lovely to see some amazing answers to my question!
    I think what bugs me is the way she says in TA meetings "Ive told the staff...." or "The staff have agreed to...."
    I know that teachers are on a different level to Ta's and that is totally understandable and as it should be, I wouldn't want it any other way ( cos I haven't a degree) :eek:)
    But I have never heard "us" referred to as anything

    Maybe it is just a case of suck it up!

    Thanxs again for all of your contributions [​IMG]
  10. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    I wouldn't object to the use of the word staff but would to the implication that non-teaching colleagues are an apparent after thought
  11. In our school we are refered to as non teaching staff. This really pees me off. Support staff at least sounds inclusive.
  12. In one school I worked in, the Head frequently referred to the Staff and the, 'Ladies sat at the back', after that I made sure I never sat at the back again![​IMG]
  13. legoearth

    legoearth New commenter

    I must be lucky,we are all refered to as staff and the teachers refer to us as the 'other teachers' when talking about us to our classes. We are encouraged to attend staff meetings and are kept informed about 'goings on' as much as the proffesonal teachers.It's a large primary school years 3 to 6 and respect for each others talents is essential. We have always refered to ourselves as the ' A------- family'. (name of school withheld!)
  14. This may seem cruel, but as teachers are staff, TA's are called expendable.
  15. Yes. This has happened many times in 'our' school. There are the senior management team.The teachers are Known as the staff. Then there's the teaching assistants who are paid more (we are all qualified to the same level}. They are known as the level 3's. Then the teaching assistants who are paid level two, the office staff, "dinner time staff" and cleaners.. We are always told we do a wonderful job we do and the school couldn't manage without us. But there is something very reminiscent of a caste system in place me thinks.!
  16. In my school TA's are referred to as "non teaching staff", but you are lucky because we haven't had a TA meeting for quite a few months even though we have been promised 1 meeting a month! I even found out about a parents meeting for Early Years going to Year 1 via a parent!. Today, TA's had to go into school even, though school was closed, and we were left jobs to do that would get the classroom ready for next weeks open evening.
  17. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Why was that a problem?

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