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Terminal Rule

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by FluffyKat, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Not the way I read it. It is saying that if all that a candidate does is the re-sit in Year 11, and they score lower, the candidate's previous higher grade will be discarded. The higher grade CAN be taken away, as an overall subject/specification grade is only issued when all units are completed.
    The rule you quote relates to units of an examination, not the whole. Units do not count until the course is completed.
    In ICT I think there is a rule saying that the first 60% of the final possible marks of the four modules sat in the final year count, regardless if those marks are partially from re-sits. So, say a candidate does unit 1 and 2, being 50% of the marks, in Year 10, and say in unit 1 gets a D. They sit Units 3 and 4 (the final 50%) in Year 11, and also re-sit unit 1. In unit 1 they go lower with an E. That E is the entered grade for unit 1.For this reason we do Unit 1 in Year 10 and Units 2-4 (80%) in Year 11, with a re-sit of unit 1 if needed.
    OCR may have done this to reduce the number of re-sits.
  2. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    Thanks! I keep getting different answers from the exam board too!

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