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Tenticks for KS5

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by hardlife, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I can vouch for these. They are excellent and the answers are super reliable. In fact the answers provide partial solutions. The only improvement I would make to them would be a note at the top of every page of the answers that said something like "these are only partial solutions, some of the steps in the working have been missed out to save paper, please do not sit for ages trying to work out how we have gone from one line of working to the next and please don't ask your teacher how we have done it either - he will just tell you that we have missed our working out"

    Do they only exist for pure maths topics?
  2. No - I had the S1 Probability & Statistics one
    Still got it actually
  3. lizlucy

    lizlucy New commenter

    Worksheets are thorough, used to use them when they were free, now they cost although there are some free samples.
  4. weggster

    weggster New commenter

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