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Tens and Units

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by anne100, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Teaching place value has been the bane of my last few years teaching. I even wake up during the night thinking about them! However, some things that I have found helpful are the place value games on ict. games .co Having a display on a rocket -sets of tens and the units on different parts, having the tens house and the units house- again similar- two houses drawn. Linked to Big Brother- when you have 10 or more you have to leave the units house. When adding tens and units using materials, put the first set upstairs in the tens and unit houses then add the second number by laying out the materials downstairs in the tens and unit houses. With a partner , playing the make 50 game. Sets of tens and units and a dice - exchage as you add on until you reach 50 or whatever number you choose. With subtraction it's just the reverse, lose 50. Hope this makes sense, it would be easier with pictures. At the end of the day it's not easy. Once I feel children are quite confident using the materials we move on to using the number line, much simpler and takes less time.How sad am I doing this at 8.30 on a Friday? Good luck with teaching place value and hopefully some others will come up with better ideas.
  2. Didn't get on to exchange but to teach place value and adding tens and units I made up 3 flip charts (scrap A4 paper tied together) with the numbers 0-9 on them. Had 3 children standing up holding these in front of them to make a number (at this point I let them turn them to whatever they wanted.
    Asked class about what digit (had to explain that word) each child was holding. Then what number they made. We then discussed what each was worth depending on where they stood. E.g. Claire is holding a 3 but she's worth 100 so it becomes 300 (that doesn't sound quite right here -can't remember exact wording).
    We played around with that for a while -getting children to make up different numbers (class choosing -lots of 123 and 999 type numbers!). Then moved on to adding on 1 -for this the child (only the child in the "units/ones" position) has to turn over a sheet. Get the class to correct them if they accidentally take off one or if the wrong person changes their number. Play with this a bit -also with taking off one. Then moving on to adding/taking off 10. And then if you want to onto 100.
    This was done over a few sessions and continued to use to reinforce the skills. The children started to feel that it was really obvious -"you just change that one (digit)". Hope it helps. I did consider making up mini ones for the children to use too which might be an idea.

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