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ten minute time fillers for reception please...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sparklequeen, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. you know that awkward bit of time when you have tidied up too early, or got ready for lunch too early and all the children are sitting on the carpet having completed every task. you have had story time and your IWB doesnt work, what carpet based activities do you do with your reception class to fill in that ten minute gap??????

    thanks in advance
  2. singing every time. We have a variety of songs we love to sing and am always teaching them new ones.
  3. Singing - absolutely right! Add movements/signing too, if you can!
  4. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    Singing, great treat is listening to tv theme tunes on cd, take it in turns to choose what they want to listen to and sing along (something so simple can be such a life saver). talking boxes (http://www.slc.cambridgeshire.nhs.uk/default.asp?id=176) Humming nursery rhymes for children to guess. Isn't it funny how bears love honey... game (details here among others http://www.perpetualpreschool.com/preschool_themes/bears/bear_games.htm) My absolute favourite thing is to go on a journey, we/ I decide what mode of transport we are going to go on pretend to go there asking children ramdomly what do you see? are we nearly there, where are we going? etc. when we arrive at our/ my chosen destination we act that out asking for ideas from children, sometimes i add a few additions eg. sound effects cd like rainforesst or sea, add some rain from a water sprayer, wind from a fan etc. you can make it as calm or exciting at the mood takes you!!
  5. 'Apple Pie'. One child is on and faces the wall in front of the class as they sit on the carpet. Teacher points to a child on carpet who says "apple pie". Child who is on, turns around and attempts to identify child who said "apple pie". If they are correct they continue to be 'on', if wrong the child who said "apple pie" is 'on'. Framework justification - promotes listemimg skills and PSED - trun taking and keeping to a few simple rules. Watch out for children who give the game away by pointing or whispering. Strategy - put on a funny voice.
  6. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Oh thumbie, what have we come to that everything we know in our experienced bones to be fun andbeneficial to our children has to be backed up by Framework Justification?
  7. brilliant ideas, thank you, i already do a fair but of singing so was thinking i need a bank of carpet games, i like apple pie, will be using that one, also like the imaginative story idea!!!
  8. Really useful websites ibuzzybea. Thnak you.
  9. Inky, I think we've come to the edge of lunacy, and I'm just about to jump .... argghhh.
  10. its such a shame isnt it, you feel that everything you do needs to be backed up by something that is documented, sometimes things just need to be done because the kids enjoy it, they are learning all the time, even when you do something that is not planned to particularly have an educational relevance!!!

    keep your ideas coming please, i would like to build up a bank of ten minute time fillers!!!
  11. We play 'I'm thinking of.....'
    e.g. a shape with 3 sides, a tv character who has a cat called Jess, a farm animal with a curly tail, a building you go to when you are ill......
    These can be just for fun (shock horror) or linked to your topic. By the summer term my class can come up with their own.
    We also play 'Stand up, hop, jump, shout horay if your name begins/ends with e.g. b'
    We count in 2s, sing shape songs, do some number sentences.
    We sing songs in a happy, sad, grumpy, posh voice.
    My class likes 'When I grow up I'm going to be a.....' or 'When I was a baby I liked....' [​IMG]
  12. Another good one is the old favourite "When Auntie Matilda went to the shops" One child starts, "When Auntie Matilda went to the shops she bought a bag of potatoes (or whatever)..." Choose people to add to the shopping list one by one. As each item is added the whole class intone" When Auntie Matilda went to the shops she bought (whole list in order). It helps to stand up the children contributing to the list in line, to prompt the class a bit.
    Not sure how to justify this one but it shows who was listening and who has a good memory (not usually the teacher!). A bit of imagination too, to think of items.
  13. We like playing "It's a Knockout". Children sit in a circle and two are chosen to stand in the middle facing each other. Teacher asks a question and the fastest person to answer correctly wins. They stay stood up and the other child sits back down in the circle. The person next to the one who sits down then moves to the middle to challenge the person in the middle. The children keep taking turns around the circle answering questions. It's great because you can differentiate the questions depending on who is stood up and in my class if there is ever two people in the middle who are particularly close friends the other children start going "Ooh!! Best friends!!!" and get excited about a bit of healthy competition! It's fab because you can ask any question too :)
  14. I know you've said you already do lots of singing but wanted to point out the Sing Up website www.singup.org The song bank is brilliant and the children have learnt so many songs and have even taught some of them to the rest of the school.
    My class love to play any kind of memory games - missing items/words, snap cards - give out find partner/group that matches.
    Circle games - swap places if you have...
    We play the apple pie game but call it cabbages instead!
  15. We play 'fruit salad' - give them all a fruit/ animal/ number etc -call out the different ones e.g. apples and all the apples have to swap places, or just say 'hot dinners swap places' 'swap places if you've got a brother' etc, then 'fruit salad' means everyone has to swap.
    They like playing 'beat the teacher' - basically hangman but I draw a flower instead of a hangman, not sure why, it's something a teacher did on my teaching practise and I've kept it - we do it with tricky words, words relating to our topic or childrens names.
    I describe a child I'm thinking of, either physically/ what they are wearing or personality traits/ likes and dislikes - e.g. this person loves drawing, she likes to play with Megan and she is really good at listening' - they have to try and guess who it is.
    I get a volunteer to say a nursery rhyme in a 'different' voice e.g. loud/ quiet/ croaky/ angry/ sad etc and the children have to guess the rhyme and what type of voice was being used, then the correct guesser has a turn.
    Oh and nursery rhyme wars - split the children into 2 groups, first group has to recite/ sing a nursery rhyme at the other group, the other group have to decide amongst them a rhyme to come back with, have to be ready to go as soon as the first group finish, repeat until one side has run out of ideas!
    I-spy - perenial favourite! Shape feely bag. I draw a letter/ number in the air with my magic wand and they have to guess which one.
    Oh, and the bane of my existence - showing! I have a basket where they put the stuff they want to show and the rule is, IF we get a few minutes to do so we'll choose something from the basket to look at. Trying to discourage the constant refrain of "you forgot to show my picture" "when are we showing my picture" "you said we could...." etc

  16. brilliant ideas, thank you, im just compiling a little list of them to then laminate and put into a pouch near my IWB then at these times i will ask a child to pick a carpet activity from the pack!!!
  17. Hi, we play "Guess the word" a bit like hangman, think of a word that they can sound out such as; Look (easy word) you can make it as easy/hard as possible, then as the children guess a letter, if they get one wrong right the letter at the bottom of the white board so they can see which letters they have guessed, good for Literacy thinking of letters, our kids love it if I lose !!!!!
  18. my children love this :- we sit in a circle and roll a ball to each other you call out the name of the person you're aiming at...not much of a challange? but i found a weighted ball that doesn't do what you expect it to so you never know where it is going
  19. Have you tried who is under the mat? One child goes out of the classroom and the others sit in a circle and choose one person to hide under a blanket or mat. When the child outside comes back in he/she has to guess who is under the mat - children in the circle put their hand up to offer a clue (without saying who it is) - Found this is a great one for extending language and getting to know names of peers in the autumn term.

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