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Ten Inspiring English Lessons for creative writing

Discussion in 'English' started by sweetie1, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. sweetie1

    sweetie1 New commenter

    I'm always looking for new ideas for KS3. I'm our KS3 co-ordinator and have to constantly revamp SOWs etc to support our team so would be more than willing to bounce ideas. My email address is english_teacher@live.co.uk.

  2. Do they have to be one-off lessons, Raymond? I love using various stimuli to inspire writing tasks. I find sound works well. For example, Year 7 are currently studying the novel Blitzed and to help them imagine the scene they listened to sound clips from the BBC website whilst closing their eyes and listening to my prompts (which weren't many with them being a set 1). They then discussed their thoughts and recorded them on to a senses table. They wrote them up into a describing piece (with the sounds still playing quietly in the background); the most ale including a range of figurative language.

    Sound has also worked well at KS4 (again for descriptive writing): football match crowds, protest march noise, etc.

    Other stimuli I like is when you ask each student to take a random item from a bag and create a story around it.

    A colleague in my department created an excellent murder investigation short scheme, with a dummy body and clues, to lead into report writing.

  3. Sorry, my iPad changed various words. Same gist though ;)

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