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Temp contract not sure of where I stand

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by thatone, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. thatone

    thatone New commenter

    Basically I was taken on to cover, ppa time (half a day a week) and then took over in the same school to cover a long term sick leave so I am being paid per day full time. I am doing all planning etc and attending staff meetings
    etc and parents evening but just wondered if I should also be paid for inset days that I attend.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you're daily paid and they require you to attend INSET days, you claim as normal for those days.
    I'm an LA paid supply teacher and even on long term placements I rarely get invited to attend INSET. I knew that my last long-term school werecovered by insurance for staff replacement of the (sick) abent teacher so I asked if I could attend a particular INSET thta interested me. It turned out that I could have attended nad been paid for several previous ones but they didn't invite me as they thought I'd prefer a day off, "seeing as supplies don't want the extras that go with a permanent job!"
    I much preferred being paid for that Friday INSET than for working it as a teacher with Yr 9, set 6 in the last lesson (the class that caused the breakdown of the postholder)!
  3. thatone

    thatone New commenter

    thank you jubilee I wasn't sure because my pay is two days short so I was wondering if perhaps they weren't intending tp pay me for inset days and course days etc.
  4. If the HT/HOD actually ASKED you to attend/be present then they should have paid you for it. However, this said, I have known HTs to say a teacher would find it useful etc and then state that as it was for their development so did not pay.

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