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Temp charting - Q for ttc-ers and mums/to be

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by toeinwater, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    This cycle is the first time I've charted my BBT and I've actually quite enjoyed it (the plotting rather than the taking of temp which I can't really be faffed with.)
    My question is to do with the biphasic pattern I should be seeing and/or my temps generally. I've read that post ov temps should be at least .5 degrees higher than pre-ov, only mine aren't. I had a lovely ov dip which went 1 degree C lower than previous day, then straight back up and a little bit more the next day. After that it's come down a little and is now on pre-ov temps. I'm only 4dpo so there's not much to go on, but I'm concerned about the lack of biphasic pattern.
    Anyone got any suggestions or success stories?
  2. Hi Toe, I loved charting too. It gave me a sense of control although it is more psychological than physical. Are you charting at the same time of day? Before you get out of bed or speak etc. Also perhaps you had a slight temp from illness or you have been sleeping with your mouth open which lowers your reading. Maybe you haven't even ovulated yet despite having all the right signs. I expect that you are doing nothing wrong at all and just need to keep up the good work. In a couple of months you will see patterns and will be able to make predictions re: luteal phase length and know that you have ovulated. If your temp doesn't rise pre-ov consistently for months then it may be a case that you are not actually ovulating or not on those particular months. My cousin temped for 5 years and now has a toddler to show for it! She told me to chart after my ectopic pregnancy and I had five months of data by the time we started ttc again. I was very lucky to conceive first time and with one tube and am now 20 weeks pregnant. I will definitely chart when I try again as it made me feel that I was in control. And it was worth the effort! The month we tried I threw everything into it including EPO and flaxseed oil. Also drank gallons for ewcm. I know that you already know all about this stuff, Toe, so I won't preach to the converted! Good luck, lovely xxx
  3. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Mine varies from 35.6 to 36 before ovulation, and from 35.9 to 36.4 afterwards.
  4. willow1

    willow1 New commenter

    Are you using charting software e.g fertilityfriend.com or similar? This plots the graphs for you and makes it really easy to see when you've o'd etc. You can also search their galleries to see other peoples charts. They are sorted into categories such as 'ovulatory' 'pregnancy' 'anovulatory' etc this should give you an idea of what a biphasic chart should look like so you can compare yours. I found it really helpful.
  5. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thanks for all your words of wisdom ladies.
    FS - I'm pretty sure my temping is 'constant' in that I'm temping pretty much the same time under the same conditions and haven't been unwell etc. Flaxseed already in use; I've jumped aboard with so many ttc strategies! [​IMG]
    On Willow's recommendation I've set up a FF account and have plotted this cycle on to it with pleasing results I have to say! FF does believe I ov'ed when I thought and I'm encouraged by the fact that today's temp went up another .2 degrees, beyond any pre-ov temp.
    Lila - it's helpful to know I'm not particularly abnormal in my low temps, so thanks for sharing.
  6. That's good, Toe. It is great to know your cycles so well - I found it reassuring throughout a very distressing and anxious stage of my life. Baby dust to you xxx
  7. Toe, have you signed up for the e-mail charting course on FF? A lot of the stuff it includes you would already know, but what I found useful was the many different ways in which people's temps rise after Ovulation. Some go up in one jump, some go up gradually, some go up and down for a few days before settling high, and there were other patterns as well. I think I still have the e-mails if you would like me to send you just the related ones, they were pretty far along the course.
  8. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    CB Ihave PM'ed you. Thanks! [​IMG]
  9. Have sent the e-mails, and replied to your PM. Hope they help!
  10. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thanks Omega! I have to say my chart looks pretty lovely! Temp went up again today, although I'm aware that these temps do this for many people regardless of a BFP. Fingers crossed though!
  11. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    I am on my third cycle of charting using FF and its so useful! Do.t worry about lowish temps. I was worried mine were lower than average but then Foucault out that sleeping with your mouth open (which I always do) can really mess with your temp. This cycle I've been temping viginally and they have settled into a more consistant pattern and are higher than before.
  12. Hi Toe,
    Are you using ovulation strips as well? They are a really great and reliable way of testing too. You will have heard of "Clear blue" etc well, they are very expensive from my experience, and so I found you could buy 50 ovulation sticks for about £8 on ebay. They arent anything fancy looking like clear blue and persona but they contain the same sensitive strip for you to test with. The way Ive done it is to get an ovulation app on my phone and see when it predicts my ovulation based on previous months cycles and then begin ovulation testing a few days before. It recommends the first wee in the morning and you can see when the lines get darker to show ovulation.
    Unfortunately no success for my...but Oh is seeing the specialist next month so pressures off for a little while.
    All the very best Toe & everyone
    Jen xx

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