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Telly addict!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    My LO is 8 weeks old which I know is still very young to be worrying about this and we are still at the stage where we do ANYTHING to stop the crying buuuuut she has suddenly developed a real love of the tv! If she is absolutely screaming, I can put her in her bouncy chair in front of the box and she will immediately stop and watch quite happily! Whilst this is quite handy in the short term however, I really don't want to end up with a toddler who is obsessed with the tv and was wondering if anyone had any advice about how to avoid this.
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Maybe you could try putting the radio on instead and see if this has a calming effect? When my son was really little I used to lie him on our bed and put the radio on, or a CD, and he loved it. Now he's 19 months old and he absolutely loves music, and dances whenever we put itunes on!
    We never really put the TV on because, like you, I don't want him to grow up loving TV! He can put the TV on himself and flick through the channels, but he doesn't do it often. He does it more because he can, rather than because he wants to! I do sometimes wonder if i'm a mean mummy when i hear about other toddlers who get to watch kids' TV!
  3. maybe its the lights elle?
    My LO loved it at Christmas all of the lights flashing - we have a fibre optic snowman which he loved would stare at for ages! - I was rather annoyed when we put decorations away but...OH's brother had a lava lamp - we have borrowed it and he loves watching that now!
    magic - better than tv for us - like you don't want him to get addicted to tv
  4. Ours has a real thing for Top Gear - I'm starting to worry that she has an infant crush on Jeremy Clarkson! Maybe one of those light projection toys would be an alternative?
  5. Ellesabe

    Our LO is exactly the same; she is 11 weeks and is mesmerized by the TV. I agree that it's probably moving images etc. I even have to turn the TV off sometimes when feeding as she tries to turn to watch!!! She's making me slob less and watch less TV though so that's probably a good thing as I would happily watch trash all day! MIL is staying at the moment and takes it upon herself to turn the TV off when she thinks there's nothing on....'Yes I was watching 'homes under the hammer' to see what they got for their property in the end'!!!
    Anyway, I think that I shall also have to look at some alternatives so thanks to the others for suggestions
  6. me too!
    LO is 10 weeks old and is just the same. She'll watch anything - she's not fussy. I'm not much good at not having the TV on - I like to have it on for 'company' when I'm home alone and so that I don't lose all sense of time. Think I'm going to have to change my ways though - don't want her addicted to TV. I put 'baby tv' channel on the other day but I think she prefers seeing real people! Radio and other lights might be the way to go.
  7. LO is 12 weeks old and exactly the same. She loves the colours and movements but like everyone else I'm a bit worried about getting her too addicted, especially as like another poster I tend to have the tv on during the day for company when I'm here with her on her own...it's very difficult to get involved in a book with a baby! She has also graduated to the cinema, yesterday we went to a mother and baby screening of the Kings Speech and she was captivated by the big screen! I'm not letting this worry me too much as a mother as the moment as we all have enough to feel guilty about, I don't think we are going to be the kind of mothers who just plant kids in front of the telly!
  8. My LO stops crying when the Friends music comes on! I clearly watch way too much telly!
  9. What is the problem with letting them watch a little TV? I often put on CBeebies and she doesn't sit glued to it but every now and then something will catch her attention and she'll have a little dance to some music or something. The rest of the times she just crawls around playing and it's just on for background noise. She LOVES In The Night Garden and we watch that every day. When she is a few years older I'll let her watch TV for a bit in the afternoon to have a bit of calm, quiet time. As long as you don't just plonk them infront of it at the expense of any sort of human interaction, there's no problem in my opinion. Everything in moderation. Oh and some programmes are quite educational- Alphablocks is my favourite and I put it on for my Year 1s at wet play!
  10. I love this- my LO was the same when a tiny baby- did you watch a lot of Friends when you were pregnant?! MIL was telling me that when she was pregnant with her youngest son, she watched Neighbours every afternoon with a cuppa as her little break for the day. When he was born, the Neighbours theme tune calmed him instantly every time! Amazing!
  11. When I was pregnant I was adamant that I wouldn't let LO watch tv. 8 months of sleep deprivation later and I've relaxed my views somewhat. I don't see any harm in him watching 20 minutes worth while I catch my breath. He loves Thomas and starts giggling as soon as the theme tune starts. All in moderation I say.
    However, if you really don't want your baby to watch, just turn it off. Simples.
  12. I was not keen on the tv either but came downstairs during the Christmas hols to find that my OH had her sat in front of C Beebies and she was loving it!! She used to stay up with us in the evenings so watched it by default but now goes to bed much earlier so I don't feel so guilty. She has been known to turn her head when homes under the hammer is on and she's on her playmat. She is 4 months old and I've convinced myself that 15 mins a day if we're in all day is not a problem, not sure whether I'm right or not!!
  13. Again, what harm could it possibly do?! She's looking at lights and movement and colours and 15 mins a day isn't going to turn her square eyed. Like I said- we love watching ITNG together every day and I have absolutely no worries about that at all. All other times she is played with and interacted with or she entertains herself with toys and stuff. When she was tiny I even sometimes put her in her car seat and let her watch baby TV while I got my coat/shoes etc ready to go out. A few mins- probably about 5 at the most- it kept her quiet and again, no guilt feelings. Like a previous poster said, there's enough to feel guilty about as a mum without beating yourself up for making use of a resource that you have readily available to you. It's when they're older and all they do is sit infront of the goggle box with no means/ability of entertaining themselves or no one to play with that TV becomes a problem.
  14. Actually- we interact as we watch the programme and she has even started saying her own version of Upsy Daisy's name- recognising her on books and other pictures. I don't think that's bad thing! Correct me if I'm wrong...
  15. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    I think it's absolutley fine - I put cbeebies on for my LO and he also enjoys watching This morning with me :eek:) He loves the colours and the pictures but I do turn it off when he's feeding as it puts him off.
  16. My baby's a genius... 8 weeks old and refused to drink her morning bottle properly because she was watching the news!
  17. We had the same problem this morning but with Charlie and Lola...not as advanced as your little one ladybug! Lol

  18. Oh blimey, not sure what that says about mine- she was transfixed by Jeremy Kyle yesterday!

    I don't think there is anything wrong with a bit of television- provided they are not dumped in front of it for hours- it is quite good for them in small doses... They do start to recognise characters which is quite cute. We watch a little bit of In the Night Garden and she loves it..She is usually sat on my lap at the time. They are designed to be educational- like everything, in moderation is fine.

    You could also try one of those light projection things if you feel TV is becoming too much- my daughter loves hers and her mobile always makes her happy.
  19. I was a bit iffy about OH's excitement at Baby TV ("it's just like a big mobile, really, wifey") and then I saw that he was genuinely transfixed by it (baby, not OH!). It's great if I need ten minutes to put a wash on / wash up / make lunch, etc. Like someone else said, I think it's when they're toddlers who are plonked in front of the telly for hours at a time that you need to worry.
  20. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Every morning my LO watches the same episode of Waybaloo and he loves it! Ive got it taped on Sky+ and its the same episode everyday (i even know the words) but he laughs and screams all the wat through it. Whilst he is watching it i get ready, make bottles and generally get sorted etc.. The only reason he watches the same episode is because he likes watching it and its easy to put on. Other than that he isnt really put infront ofthe telly mainly because im out and about. But he has a play gym which is on the livingroom floor, and when he is underneath it he cranes his neck around to watch the TV instead of playing!! I dont think there is any harm in it what so ever. At the moment ( hes 16 weeks) he is watching it for colours and sounds, but many of the programmes are quite educational and will benefit him as he grows. I watched TV when i was growing up and im alright!!

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