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Telling your own parents..

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Tigsy, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. when did you tell them or planning to tell them? H wants us to wait the full 12 weeks but that seems a bit excessive for parents... I might even start to look pregnant before then...ha!
    what about you?
  2. My sister told us (parents and siblings) and 6 weeks, but no-one else was allowed to know until after the 12 week scan. x
  3. Week 4 and a half... I was bleeding very heavily so it was more of a "oh heck am having another miscarriage" telling them than a "woo hoo I'm pregnant"... turns out that bleeding wasn't a miscarriage and so far (well so far last week at 10+4) it's stayed put.
  4. We told our parents after a private reassurance scan at 10 weeks and I was beginning to show then. My sister told her BF that evening with the lovely opening question of: 'guess why she's getting fat?' lovely :)
    We then attended a wedding just under 2 weeks later and had decided not to say anything until after the 12 week scan. We were well and truly rumbled, the floaty dress, covert drinks swapping/ hiding and unconscious tummy rubbing gave the game away to close friends. I think the 8 week point is when most early mc's would happen (may be completely wrong though and sorry to even bring it up xx). If you fancy it I would really recommend the early scan. At 10 weeks they look like a baby and having a little picture to show made it all the more magical. Good luck it's such a fabulous time xxx
    Julesk 38+4
  5. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    We told our parents after an early scan at 8 1/2 weeks. I had already had 2mc's and wanted to know everything was ok. We only told our parents, we waited until 12 weeks scan to let everyone else know.
    Some people wait til 12 weeks, some people can't wait and tell earlier- its up to you really.
    x x
  6. I have a pot belly regardless, so its looking noticable even though its impossible to be, at 5 weeks! my 12 weeks falls at christmas so im really hoping i get seen before xmas day.
    I'm wondering however if the school can wait till the new year. anyone tell their HT/PT before 12 weeks?
  7. cheekychops

    cheekychops New commenter

    My daughter got married in June this year and found out at the beginning of October that she was expecting a baby next Summer. As grandparents to be we are absolutely ecstatic but having found out that she was 1-2 weeks pregnant things seem to be ticking along ever so slowly. Apart from her best friends and immediate family we are sworn to silence which is really difficult when you want to shout it from the rooftops Congratulations to all who are eager to spread their lovely news when the time is right.
  8. I'm so glad we waited the 12-week mark because it made it really special then (as we'd had time to get used to the pregnancy ourselves), and they were allowed to tell the whole world! I was showing a bit, but I wore a dress which hid my bump, and we went around both sets of grandparents the same weekend.
    We gave them a pretty box, and when they opened it they found a pair of bootees with a note saying "see you on the 7th of May", and an A4 copy of a scan picture underneath.
    Neither family was expecting it, so it really came as a surprise. We then phoned our siblings to tell them the news.

    Great memories. I took photos of the grandparents with their boxes afterwards.
  9. I was too ill during the first trimester of both pregnancies to be able to keep it secret. After a couple if weeks of avoiding people they start to get quite worried!
  10. It's a difficult one and we have done different things -
    First pregancy we told both sets straight away but I started bleeding at 11+5, two days before my 2 wk scan. Scan showed that I'd had a MMC around 8+5.
    Second pregancy we waited until after the 12 wk scan as they had all been so upset the first time and I didn't want my Mum to be worried for 7 wks as she lives on her own 250 mles away. Had a healthy little boy
    Third time we didn't say anything. Scan at 7+2 showed a heartbeat, scan at 9+2 showed I'd had a nother MMC at 7+4, just two days after the positive scan
    This time we have kept it to ourselves - I have a scan next Wed when I am 7+1. All being well i will try and get another at 9ish wks!
    I guess it's a very personal decision and will depend on family circumstances. Someone said to me that if I would tell them if I lost the baby I may just as well tell them as soon as I got the BFP but i didn't see it that way.
  11. We told my parents following an early scan at about 9 weeks. We invited them over for a take away and handed them the scan picture! The look on their faces was brilliant. I'm glad we waited until we'd had a scan - I'd previously miscarried hence the early scan - but I think they liked knowing a few weeks before everyone else!
  12. Told all our parents after the 12 week scan but didn't tell anyone at work (only part time and self-employed so no need to worry about maternity leave) until I was 5 months as I'm not keen on all the fuss and 'Mummy' talk makes me want to hurl. Don't have any desire (conscious or not) to rub my stomach either so maybe I am just naturally secretive!

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