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Telling school that I'm pregnant

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by emylou, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    Although I am only 7 weeks pregnant, I'm not sure if I should wait until my 12 week scan. I work in a special school in the Autistic Unit where some of the children can be quite unpredictable so I've heard in the past that pregnant staff got moved to another department for safety (or there were at least risk assessments put in place). I also have other health concerns as I have a genetic heart condition so later in the pregnancy I will most probably have very regular hospital appointments and have been told there's no way I'll be working right up to the last minute!

    Basically I know I'm not meant to tell people yet because a lot can happen but I don't know whether I should just mention it to my Head or one of the Deputies who are lovely but I'm not sure they'll keep it a secret & I don't want loads of people knowing before my family!?
    Any advice/opinions welcome, thanks x
  2. Hey emylou, congratulations on your pregnancy! I told my deputy when I was about 7 weeks. I thought it would be good to let someone at work know. I swore her to secrecy until I told everyone else after my scan. It sounds that with the students you work with and your heart condition it may be wise to let someone know, your health and that of your baby's is paramount. If you stress how important it is that it is kept confidential then I'm sure they'll follow your wishes. Xx
  3. I had to tell my head very early on due to morning sickness making trips difficult and having a violent pupil in class. She didn't tell anyone else but did put in place safeguards for me. It is up to you who you tell but if I were you, and my safety was an issue, then I'd be telling my head tomorrow morning.
  4. I told my head at 10 weeks, as one of my pupils headbutted me in the stomach and I wanted a risk assessment done straight away. They were very discreet and the information never went further than SMT. I told the rest of the staff after the 12 week scan.
  5. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I told school very early, at about 7 weeks, as I was under consultant care, had regular antenatal appts, and was seen at a hospital over an hour away from my school so needed lots of time off. They were very supportive, even though I'd only worked there for 3 months. They did, however, share the information with the SLT team and the Chair of Governors in order to discuss staffing implications. They said that they could only keep it quiet 'within reason' and as I was needing one day a fortnight off school, it was reasonable to be able to discuss it with those responsible for the running of the school. I was disappointed in a way, but could understand it. The wider staff weren't told until I was ready to tell them. Good luck!
  6. emylou

    emylou New commenter

    Still a bit unhappy about work- had another meeting regarding my pregnancy Risk Assessment today & SMT are telling me it's safer for me if I tell all the staff asap. I have real issues with this though a) I haven't even told my parents or family yet so don't want all of work to know before them! b) it's still such early days & I am so worried something will go wrong [​IMG] At the moment SMT know, the RA co-ordinator, my 2 Teaching Assistants & my friend who is the teacher next door so there is always someone on hand if I need them (it turns out there's A LOT I can't do!!)

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