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Tell me it will be fine please!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by chubbyone, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    Found a lump in right breast 2 weeks ago, or rather husband noticed it, was booked into doctors the next day for another reason and just mentioned it. Felt like warning lights went off in her eyes when I said 'don't know whether to mention it but hubbie noticed a lump'. Because I was due for a period she examined me and said there was a definate lump there and to go back in 2 weeks as it was most likely normal hormonal changes. 2 weeks later however still there and left the surgery with the situation of details will be faxed to the hospital and you will go within 2 weeks to see a specialist. The warning bells are now beginning to ring in my head! It will be fine? Please someone reassure me.
  2. chubbyone, as difficult as I'm sure it it, please don't panic.
    It might be something, it might be nothing. The right thing to do is to get it checked out.
    Only once it has been checked can you be sure of anything.
    Try to stay calm.
  3. Dont panic, I had same thing 3 years ago. Got panicked as GP sent me, like you, for mammogram etc asap. Turned out there was a lump but it was just something to do with my breast tissue- nothing "C" related and I was in and out in 2 hours feeling much calmer and relieved.
    I know how scary it is and you almost want the GP to say its nothing and feel embarrassed at having thought there was something than be proved right that there is a lump when GP feels it too but its great how quick the referral system is and that everyone gets treated as best they can!
    I am sure you will be fine, but just in case be sure to bring someone with you- it can be scary sitting there waiting and you will want someone to hold your hand.
    Thinking of you xxx
  4. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    This has happened to me twice and both times it turned out to be a cyst which had to be removed, just to be on the safe side. It makes you feel sick with nerves going through the mammogram, ultra-sound and needle biopsy and then waiting for them to tell you what they think. But just remember, most lumps turn out to be benign. Good luck.
  5. It's normal to feel worried but you won't be worried for long because you are being seen within 2 weeks. How fantastic that they fast track people now for these problems. Lots and lots of people are referred and lots and lots of people are reassured that they are fine. I think many of us have been in the same position.
    So I am telling you that I am sure you will be fine. The odds are in your favour. And well done to your hubby for being breast aware [​IMG]

  6. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts. Yes it is positive as going to be seen ASAP. Just the not knowing. And also agree thanks to my hubbie for doing his bit for my well being! He is taking his job a bit to seriously as he keeps asking me if he needs to check ;) thinks all his birthdays have come at once!!!!!!! Just want the appointment now. Get it over and done with.
  7. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    I think the appointment within 2 weeks thing is standard for any breast lump. I've had three and was seen within two weeks every time. All were fine, thankfully, and for the first one, the GP said she was certain it was fine but was referring me anyway so don't think a quick appointment means the doctor is worried.
    I had an ultrasound, a fine needle biopsy (results the same day) and two core biopsies (quick local anaesthetic, over in 5 mins and painless) and all were fine, much to my relief!
    I hope your appointment comes through soon and all as well.
  8. I'm sure you will be fine. I worked in a breast unit for a while when I was thinking of changing careers and used to help with the ultrasounds and biopsies. Out of all those women who came in with lumps that needed looking at or biopsies taken, I'd say about 95% of them were fine. Usually it was just cysts and hardly anyone had anything more sinister. I think it's natural for us to worry about the worst though as if I ever have any health problems I automatically jump to the worst and think of the 'C' word. Hope it all goes well xx

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