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TEFL vs Primary International

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by priyapankhania, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. priyapankhania

    priyapankhania New commenter

    Hi, I wondered if anybody could give me some advice on teaching english as a foreign language vs heading to an international school in Asia. I'm in my 7th year of teaching primary and want to have a bit of a career break before looking to teach internationally. Ideally I'd want to teach English in Europe for a year and then apply to go to Asia. Would it be tougher to get a job in an international school if I'd had a year out from teaching the NC?
  2. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Any decent school would query why someone was not in a school for a year. Alarm bells tend to ring when there are gaps in teaching.
    There's plenty of low tier schools in Asia that will take you regardless of gaps or what you'd been up to during those gaps, but any decent teacher wouldn't want to work in those schools.
    If you were able to guarantee outstanding references, one could take the risk and call it a gap year or something, but teaching English in Europe isn't the high adventure the top tier will see as adequate rationale.
  3. davidbowiefan

    davidbowiefan Established commenter

    Why would you want to teach EFL in Europe? First you will have to do a CELTA and when you get a job it may be in an unprofessional environment and will be very badly paid. Far better to get a primary school teaching job in Europe and then decide if you want to go further afield.
  4. priyapankhania

    priyapankhania New commenter

    It's more of a career break for me as the British school system has left me exhausted! I have no work-life balance which is why I'm looking to see if taking a year off to gather my thoughts would hinder me if I continued teaching abroad.

    MisterMaker, how do you know if a school is a top tier school?
  5. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    If you need a year off, take a year off, assuming you can afford it.
    Working abroad for a year is not a career break, nor a break of any kind. It is working, while simultaneously learning to navigate the complexities of a new culture, language and location. Getting started in a new place is quite hard, and it takes almost a year to get settled. And if it's just for one year, than you're already starting to to move on before you finish settling in.
    On top of that, if you're teaching English in Europe, you'll be working in a very unstable job and struggling to earn enough to live on.
    You might be happier thinking longer term. Find a decent job in a decent school making decent money, and stay there for several years. Much better than a "break" that will just be worse than the current situation.
    Good luck.
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