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TEFL course advice

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by cbogue, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. cbogue

    cbogue New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I am a qualified primary school teacher and have been teaching for nearly 5 years and I am looking to teach English abroad sometime this year.

    The number of TEFL courses I have come across is quite overwhelming and I want to make sure I pick the right one. I want to make sure I am prepared and also able to find a job, but I don't want to spend too much money on a course I don't need.

    Has anyone who has done it or in the process of doing it got any advice?
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    You are a qualified teacher, you dont need it. International school teachers earn significantly more than language schools teachers.

    Check out the oversea teachers forum for more advice.
  3. Hi,

    What dumbbells66 said is correct, but if you do want to teach EFL instead, choose a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL. They are both accepted everywhere. If you take anything else you may limit which jobs and career paths within EFL you can take.

    Best wishes!
  4. MrsELJones

    MrsELJones New commenter

    I am starting the CELTA in July and from my research it is the best one to do. There are too many "Micky Mouse" tefls out there, I didn't want to risk it. The CELTA is more expensive (£1300), but if you are offered a place you can apply for a loan which doesn't have to paid back until you are earning a certain amount. Technically as primary school teachers we shouldn't need to do the CELTA, but if you want to get into teaching ESOL a lot of places ask for it despite having a PGCE.
    I have just been given the pre course task booklet ( 50 tasks before you start the course) and it is quite difficult and I am learning a lot that I didn't already know. I am pleased that I chose to do the course, I think it will be worth while.
  5. AleP

    AleP New commenter

    I am an Italian native speaker teacher of English currently living in the UK. I am looking for a TEFL course which could give me further opportunities to teach English when I go back to Italy or to another Eu country. As cbogue I've come with loads of websites offering accredited TEFL courses and I am really getting confused about which one to pick. According to your answers it seems that only Celta and Tesol (quite expensive to me) would be the best options. Is it so? Thank you. Alessandra
  6. elleaurora

    elleaurora New commenter

    Hi, I see your post was a year ago so sorry if I've missed the boat!

    I'm in a really similar position to yours when you wrote this- I have 5 years experience and looking into TEFLs. Firstly yes I agree it's insane how many there are!

    I just wanted to say that for me, a CELTA is definitely out of my price range.If you are in the same position,I have a friend teaching out in Vietnam- she is also an experienced teacher. She did a TEFL and is now in a management position over there (teaching English as a foreign language, not in an international school but still earning a decent amount as cost of living is so low and therefore saving as well!) and absolutely loving it.

    I think if you are already a teacher, a 120 hour online TEFL course (level 3, ie the cheapest ha) is enough to get a decent position and pay. Obviously if your priority is earning more the above advice is probably more relevant, but personally I'm more interested in the work-life balance after a horribly pressured year being bullied by my old headteacher in London saving nothing at all- an international school is not for me at the moment!

    Obviously I'm basing this on my friend's experience but it makes sense to me and is what I'm doing as a result. Sorry if none of this is relevant to you anymore haha!

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