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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lilypot, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I wonder if any of you have any ideas as to how I can make LO's life (and mine) easier during this what-seems-like-never-ending phase.
    I have had troube feeding LO bottles for pushing 7 weeks - she doesn't want anything in her mouth and yet shows hunger signs. Every single feed is a battle. She doesn't have thrush so it's not that. We thought it might be silent reflux and she has gaviscon but in reality I don't think it's that either.
    Anyway, have finally started seeing white buds under her gums so am hoping the end is nearly there. But in the meantime, what can I do to make eating more pleasant for her?
    I tried Teetha yesterday which was a miracle cure but it hasn't had the same effect this morning.
    I've tried Bonjela which lasts for a few sucks, until it comes off and we battle again.
    I've given calpol for the first time this morning (how on earth are you meant to get them to drink it?!! SHe had some but a fair amount dribbled down her chin). I hoped it might settle her, but it's not had much effect.
    Am literally stuck. I don't actually know how much more I can take. I spoke to my sister who's a GP to ask if there's anything that can be prescribed but she said probably not - they just recommend calpol.
    How long is it going to last?! 7 weeks!! surely there should be some respite!! I'm hoping she'll have a whole set of teeth soon with amount of trouble she's had!
  2. If the white buds are there, the teeth should cut soon... I try anything I can till she stops crying:

    anbesol teething liquid- ask over the counter, you won;t find it on the shelves, numbs the gums and stay on longer than Bongela.

    Those teething rings which you cool in the fridge.
    Calpol does help- have you got a syringe? It is far easier than a spoon,

    Good luck, hope the first comes soon.... we're on number 5 and it is horrible xx
  3. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Did you rub the teething powder into her gums? Charlotte loves that! Anbesol is fab and I find baby Nurofen works well too. We sometimes give her a wet flannel to bite on and she seems to get some relief from that too. The baby Nurofen comes with a syringe which, as moomoon says, make it a lot easier to dispense!
  4. Thanks moomoon. I tried one of those but unless it's her hand she doesn't want to know!
    She's now overtired which doesn't help. I just feel soooo useless!
    I'll try the anbesol, although I'm worried to an extent that I'm drugging her up so to speak - can you overdoes on Teetha??! But if it means she can nap better it is worth it I guess.
    Any other ideas also welcome!
  5. Nobody can 'cope' with teething... so don't feel useless. It is horrible.
    I just try one thing after the other until she stops crying... but it does feel I am resorting to drugs, but if it takes the pain away, it won't do any harm.
    You can't overdose on teetha- it is homeopathic and totally safe.
    Might go for the nurofen now!
  6. Lilypot I feel your pain. My LO has phases like this and has done on and off since Christmas. He is now 8 1/2 months and still doesn't have a single tooth. Every time I think we are going to get one all the symptoms disappear. It's very frustrating for both of you. We are having a phase at the moment and he is so grumpy and it's hard when you're on your own with them all day.
    Nuerofen is good as it's anti-inflamitory too.
    Anbesol is also good but they recomend that you don't feed baby straight after using it so not sure that will help.
    Hope you get that magic tooth soon [and we do too!]
  7. At the risk of sounding like a massive hippy my LO has been wearing an amber teething necklace and too my surprise has two bottom teeth! I don't know whether he wouldn't have been bothered by it anyway but hey ho! (Daytime naps have become a write off though!)

  8. The only thing that really helps us is calpol. syringe is good but it's really a two person job - one to be the baby wrangler and the other to be the plunger pusher! I end up trying to scoop some back in and he gargles it out again!
    You can give alternate doses of baby nurofen and calpol quite safely i believe.
    I must get my paws on some of that anbesol, keep forgetting to ask for it.
    Teething sucks [​IMG]
  9. Hi there,
    I'm glad someone mentioned amber necklaces. My mum bought my baby girl one a couple of months ago but haven't put it on her yet. My Mum is definitely not a hippy and I've read a few threads on some forums that they're fantastic if they're worn all the time and they're certified amber etc. I will try to put it on Elise (9 months, no teeth, no pain at the moment but we had a couple of cranky nights and difficulty feeding for a few weeks) all the time and see if she cuts a tooth soon without any pain! I'll keep you posted as I'm still a bit dubious!
    In the meantime we use a fantastic gel they don't sell in the UK (my husband's colleague brought it back from Germany) called Baby Orajel. It's suitable from 4 months and is fantastic (Elise went back to sleep within 10 mintues of me applying it the other night).
    WE also bought Nelson's teething granules but haven't tried them yet. It's so hard to see them cry and knwo there's not much we can do. I hate tat feeling of helplessness. REally feel for you!
  10. So was I! LO (6.5 months) is the proud owner of two bottom teeth and the suspicion of the top two as well - with no gels or anything (I'm usually hovering with the Calpol at the slightest hint of pain!)
  11. TheAmber teething necklaces are brilliant. My lo wore hers all the time from 7 months til 2 weeks ago, when it snapped :( She got no teeth til 11 months and then got 6 in one weekend!! And we hardly noticed, she was a little grumpy for a couple of days (which isn't unusual for her) and suddenly she had 6 teeth, 4 on the top and 2 on bottom.
    She is now teething and is going though a lot of pain, she woke up every hour last night and just wanted to be fed (breastfed) for comfort. I have ordered another necklace as I can't go through this every time she's getting a tooth. We're going through nurofen, and calpol (alternating), and ashton and nelsons teething powders although we're being quite sparing with those as I can't find them in the shops any more.
  12. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    What are amber teething necklaces supposed to do?
    We are going through hell at the moment with molars and canines, LO has never been this bad with teeth and is sleeping fitfully as a result and has been screaming day and night for the past 3 or 4 days at least. Might be worth a try. I can't find my anbesol liquid anywhere.
  13. Lucchese, I think there's a natural property in amber that relieves pain when it's in contact with skin. If you google it, there's loads of links of websites that sell it and explains all this more eloquently than I do.
    Elise has been wearing it since yesterday. Haven;t taken it off, I even left it on her overnight and it didn't seem to bother her at all. Let's hope it works! Everyones seems so positive about them!
    Oh, by the way, Elise is having quite bad nappy rash (she woke up screaming last night after having filled her nappy) and is quite red. I cleaned as well as I could and put some Bepanthen but if it carries on, should I see my GP? It only seems to really upset her when she poos but it's red most of the time.
  14. lucchese - anbesol is sold over the counter which is why you probably won't find it on the shelf. Hope you find something to solve the pain!
  15. We do the anbesol, calpol and then when its running out give liquid ibuprofen. We had to do that recently when LO got his molars through, it was terrible for the poor little thing . I must also recommend the MAM bottles with the flat teat - they have been fab when LO first started teething as it was the only teat he would tolerate in his mouth. Fortunately we also have a friend from America who recently brought back some slightly stronger teething gel from over there that is also good - a luxury if you have any American friends. I never thought teething would be as bad as it has been - LO has 12 teeth so we are over half way now. It amazing how some babies just sail through it and others have a terrible time. My LO seems to get a load of teeth at once and thats why I think its soooo bad for him.

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