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Teething Monster Returns

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Dimebar, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Someone please reassure me that I will get back my good sleeper when these molars have pushed through. I am worried this not sleeping and kicking off if put into the cot is becoming a habit.
  2. I promise you your good sleeper will return! If your baby's been a good sleeper until now, then it'll come back. I know, because I've had the same problem with both of mine. It's awful when sleep patterns are disturbed, and you do think it will never come back - but it does! Good luck.

  3. I want to cry because the teething monster won't leave! LO has just got 7th and 8th teeth and they have been awful. He had a cold at the same time and we haven't been able to get him into his cot at all. I feel I'm at the end of my tether because me and OH are sleep deprived and taking turns at kipping on the sofa so one of us can take LO in beside us. He does the same - goes nuts when you try to put him into his cot, and if we do manage to sneak him in asleep he just goes nuts when he wakes.

    Bottom tooth just through so hopefully some return to normal sleeping is due.
  4. Snap glitterkid - she is fine until she is put in her cot and then she goes absolutely mad. We have taken to driving her round till she falls asleep - I would not be able to cope with any less sleep as I get terrible migraines. Think we are going to go for controlled crying this weekend and try not to break down as I feel it is becoming a habit and not just the teeth.
  5. We too have a teething monster at the moment! He's nearly 9 months and has just got his first bottom tooth and I am wondering whether the other bottom one is coming through too because he is soooo whingey. I am gutted because we have had a very hard time with him and things were literally just starting to get better (and by that I mean one good week) and then the teething started! I am worried because he has been like this for 2 weeks with this tooth, so if he is like this with every tooth and he will get 20 by the time he is 2, does that not mean that he will be a nightmare every other week for the next 15 months?!
    He won't sit and play, he wants a cuddle but then cries anyway when you give him one, goes beserk when I try to dress him/change nappy etc- all things that normally he is ok with. He was up at 3am last night and has been getting up really early for the day, today it was 6am, but has been as early as 4.45am! I HATE TEETHING!!
  6. Teething is awful. My 14month old just had 8 teeth come through in two weeks - he was pretty miserable, and we were up every night. But my GP told me it causes them real misery and ear ache, and you really should be generous with the calpol. I was, and things started to pick up in the sleep department.

  7. I do find calpol and baby ibuprofen work better than anything- everyone tells me the teething process gets better- but so far, it has just got worse. Poor little things, we have 6 now... 14 to go! Some babies seem to escape lightly and they sneak through.
  8. What is annoying me is every parent with older kids go go ooo use medised. Thanks - that helps seeing as its for over 6's only now. I am going to up the dose of calpol tonight and double dose with nurofen as well. I know it is horrible but I am so reassured its not just me.
  9. No it's definitely not just you! We are now double dosing on Nurofen and Calpol!
  10. I think the calpol and nurofen combination is the way to go. I did it round the clock with mine, literally every 2/3 hours. We did get through a lot, and I was worried about using it too much. But my GP was brilliant, and told me to just keep doing it! I bought every teething stick/toy/dummy going and it made no difference. Poor LOs need a break from the pain.
  11. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    Have any of you ladies tried/thought about trying an amber teething necklace. I got one for LO about 1 month ago and since then he has been a whole lot better. Before the necklace we were having horrific nights and also I was giving a dose of calpol or nurofen every night before bed for about 10 days. Now I just give him teething powders and he wears the necklace 24/7. His night sleeping is much better and he is not too bad most days now, nothing like before. Worth a try for 13 quid! x
  12. We have an anklet version and would also recommend it. We lost our's on holiday and within about 3 hours the dribbling and fretting resumed so I definitely think it makes a difference to their general comfort even if it doesn't get rid of the pain completely.
  13. A friend of mine suggested the teething necklace but i was a bit worried about him pulling the thing off and choking on beads or soemthing! The way I'm feeling now I'd try anything though!

    We're going away this weekend and leaving with LO with my parents for 2 nights - OH said "shall we just go to bed super early on Sat night" - no romantic intentions, just sleep catch up!

    I know he's poking round the gums a lot at the moment, and he's dribbling for britain. My MIL think she's having us on and I wonder that a bit too now, although I can see why he wants cuddles when he wakes up, just think something must be causing him to wake up so frequently. We are down to the last dose of calpol - might go stock up on baby nurofen today too!
  14. We tried an amber teething necklace but the last tooth to come through was terrible- worse than the others.... Maybe it would have been even worse with the necklace though! It was on her christening weekend and she was still in dire pain.
    She also pulls on it really hard and had red marks over the back of her neck because the extent to which she pulled it. It isn't on at the moment and I am not sure if I want to put it back as I don't want her to pull it off or just pull it and hurt her neck. I am not 100% sure of the safety... Ah, I am so gutted it didn't seem to help us, I have read so many good things!
  15. Well we had a slightly better night with only half an hour of crying - a combination of calpol (full amount), nurofen, dentonox (which was fab as can be reapplied after 20 minutes and works as I tried some and the feeling lasted for ages) and I gave her some piriton which I hoped caused a bit of drowsyness! Only had half an hour of crying. Problem is I am out tonight so I have to write down exactly what I did for OH and hope that it works.
  16. Your good sleeper will return after those teeth have pushed through also other very good positive stuff from when those last teeth have pushed through- NO MORE DRIBBLE! it will be a miracle not having to keep changing those bibs every half hour, believe me :)

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