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Teeth or ear?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by glitterkid, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. True the nappies are usually a bit runnier with teething, but then you've just started weaning, Ange so it may not be affecting him in the usual teething way.

    I think it sound slike teeth too. Calpol is great - double check with pharmacist, but you can give doses of infant paracetamol and ibruprofen to helkp relieve pain - eg give him calpol at 6 and then the ibruprofen at 8...crikey, please check it!

    Someone else recommended anbesol liquid - apparently it stays on the gums better than bonjela. sam liked to chew on a chilled facecloth when he was teething. And i peeled a big fat carrot from the fridge for him to gnaw on.
    Teething sucks. poor lil Freddie.

  2. Ear-pulling is a typical sign of teething.

    I recommend New Era teething salts - we've never had teething trauma, and I think these have something to do with that...
  3. Thanks ladies. I have been using calpol and anbesol, the anbesol does help for a few minutes but the calpol isn't doing much good. I have a family friend who is a health visitor and she said that the neurofen for children is much better so I have got that today.
    I think the teetha sachets I gave him bunged him up as they did the same at Christmas so I won't be using them again.
    He has been a bit peaky so I think he has had a bit of a virus with it too. I'll definately try the new era things, I'll try anything!
  4. I used a necklace made from wood (sounds rather hippyish but it certianly worked for my LO) - they work by balancing the acid caused by teething and you can leave them on for 6 months before they need replacing. The site I used is http://www.tearlessteething.com/ it may have been pure coincidence but he was great for the 6 months he had the necklace.....i keep forgetting to get another one...oops!
  5. I've had a similar thing for the last 4 days. LO is now just turned 1 and has been pulling ear, refusing all food and milk, bad nappy rash but had major runs. Then I noticed 2 top back teeth poking through with swollen red gums. Has the front 8 teeth and other than a bit of dribbling has shown no other signs, so teething is new to me. Took him to dr today and said has ear infection and possibly teething. I'm dosing with antibiotics, calpol and bonjela. Don't know what else to do to help him or make him eat. Had 2 hours of manic newborn style screaming tonight and couldn't make him feel better, has now fallen fast asleep exhausted. At what point does not eating become an issue? Drinking a bit but not enough.
  6. my LO didn't eat for 3 or 4 days with his ear infection. Drank a little but managed to get more down him by getting him to have one sip every 10 mins or so (very very time consuming though!!!) Have you tried yoghurt as thats all he would eat (guess its because its cold and doesn't have to chew at all) I wouldn't worry about not eating for a few days but just keep an eye on wet nappies....I was shocked that we were still getting them with the little he was dirnking... x

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