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Teen logic again

Discussion in 'Personal' started by giraffe, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Daughter No3 (teen at home) is on the phone to daughter No1 (grown up, job, own flat etc).
    No3 is relaying to us what No1 is saying.
    Apparently No1 is going on a weekend acting course in a few weeks time No3 tells us.
    'Do you think I could go on it too?' asks No3. 'It's only £200.'
    'Do you have £200?' I ask her, hoping she will get the point...
    'Do you have £200?' she immediately relays question to No3 without a pause...
    Howls of laughter all round
  2. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    and apparently No1 is having a 'scrambled omelette' this evening.[​IMG]

    Its like an omelette, but it's 'a bit rough round the edges'
  3. If she kept a straight face when saying that...then she don't need no acting lessons....know what I'm a saying, hen?
  4. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    Yes. No3 has real talent already....
  5. Especially when she wants something. :¬))

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