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Discussion in 'Media studies' started by dianainlondon, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    We've had major issues the last two years with coursework and technology (both at GCSE and AS/A2 level). We use Pinnacle for film editing and Mediator for making websites. I'm not hapy with either one.
    In an ideal world, we would have macs, but that's not going to happen!
    Does have any software suggestions?

  2. I would recommend you have a look at Premier Elements for video editing. It is used by many video journalists as a fast and efficient editing tool and we use it extensively for training new journalists. It is very similar in price to Pinnacle and much more robust.

    Tony Johnston
    Press Association Training
  3. I use moonfruit with the students for website for a2 and we use Imovie for editing. For AS I use a combination of photoshop and GIMP which is a free programme to download

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