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Technology to replace Supply Agencies

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by TechSquirel, May 4, 2011.

  1. Your supply agency may have already notified you of technological advances in how they want you and the schools to communicate. Online systems are now available for schools to enquire about specific staff, who can then inform of their availability and get the placement confirmed via SMS text message.
    But what the supply agencies don't want you to know, is that this system is free and can be used by both schools and teachers for free. In the same way anyone can use the Google search engine, Goggle Calendar www.google.com/calendar can and is being used to replace the service previously provided by supply agencies.
    Supply teachers can set up their own Google Calandar, and then make it viewable by schools they are happy to work with. Schools can then have an online database of supply staff and their calendars, view who is available on a given date and contact them direct or even book them electronically if that teacher has given that school permission on their Google Calendar.
    Obviously all this is subject to the professionalism of the school and the teacher on the ICT side, whether the school cares about who teaches there and the teacher cares about being in a school where their full talents are being utilised.
    On the financial side, the teacher can if needed apply the 'work 5 days - charge for 4' system of adjusting their cost to match what the agencies charge the school - but obviously keeping the 1/3 of their salary that is usually taken by the agency - for two phone calls or what is now their automated booking system.
  2. "Give it a try for a few months" - I've been doing it 8 years!
    I do my own CRBs to stay on the Council list that the schools check, with all payments done by the following month. It's even more important to go the extra mile when teaching, because the good schools notice and ask me back, then it's easy to filter out the bad schools.
    They first thing any NQTs should do is email every school with a very basic CV and contact details. I use an agency very infrequently, just to check out schools and make contacts, but then deal with any good ones direct as I've 'previously been in contact' (as above) so the Agency can't do anything about it.
    I posted this thread after I used an agency recently and found they cancelling a booking at the last minute and moved me to another school, then admited it was because they 'did more business with the second one'. I informed the first school and now I also work for them direct.
    I suppose I could pay an agency 1/3 of my salary to drop my working ethics down to their standards, but I'd rather not.
  3. Agency worker getting a little tetchy?
    "Give it a try for a few months"
    Some of us have, love, -the schools are happy and we're happy not to have you parasites riding on our backs.
    The breakdown in regulation has created a free for all -agencies had got too greedy and the schools cant/wont pay £80 plus vat for a couple of phone calls, byee.

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