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Discussion in 'Science' started by atiya26, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I am degree qualified and have done part an msc and i am applying for a science technicians position, what shal I include inpersonal statement
  2. You need to show that you can satisfy the person specification, so go through it and think of the what you have done for each part, compile a list and then write your statement in full sentences. Do get someone to read it for you before you submit it, as you would not impress if your English is as poor as in the post I am replying to!
  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Make sure that you respond to the job description and the list of personal qualities they want.
    your ability to work with people
    your knowledge of science
    your organisational skills
    any practical skills you might have for making or repairing bits of kit
    Best wishes with the application
  4. TecHKnow

    TecHKnow New commenter

    Hi atiya26,
    In addition to the advice provided above, you may also wish to consider mentioning how you feel your current studies or qualification best suit you for the job that you are applying for. In other words, how will your qualification be relevant or beneficial to the role of working as a technician.
    While I am very aware of many colleagues who possess degree level qualifications and higher, Traditionally, many posts for the role of technicians mainly require A levels/NVQ level 3 or level 4 qualifications.
    If your job role required you to act as an instructor/demonstration technician or perhaps place you in line management over other technicians then your qualifications could be what they are looking for.
    Since you have not explained clearly the actual job, then its difficult to be any more specific. However, as others have said, good luck and remember if you do get the job to let us know. There is an extensive support structure in place for Science technicians
  5. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    I have previously worked as a school technician. Make sure you read the person spec and the job description. if you like i can try and find my personal statement and email it to you
  6. Chirality

    Chirality New commenter

    Hi Atiya 26

    good luck with your application. Play up your enthusiasm and personal qualities rather than your qualification which is possibly way above that required for a school science technician.

    Maybe if you mention aspirations towards line management they will realise you're in it for the long haul. I know for a fact that some people when leeting these posts dismiss the higher qualifications with "oh they'll move on first chance they get". Best of luck

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