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TeachMeet events through till the end of July: is there one near you?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by gailrobinson, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    We thought it would be useful to let you know about up and coming TeachMeet events until the end of July. Find out if there's one in your area and let us know if we've missed any.

    TeachMeet Creative Classrooms Edition, Scottish Book Trust, Edinburgh
    Date: Tuesday June 7
    TeachMeet CPR, Wroxham Primary school
    Date: Tuesday June 7
    TeachMeet Strathcylde Edition
    Date: Wednesday June 8
    TeachMeet Bedford
    Date: Thursday June 9
    TeachMeet Manchester
    Date: Wednesday June 15
    TeachMeet Swansea
    Date: Wednesday June 15
    TeachMeet Think, St Robert of Newminster Catholic School and sixth form, Washington
    Date: Wednesday June 15
    TeachMeet bMoble, Bradford
    Date: Thursday June 16 (free food, bar and prize draw)
    TeachMeet Stockport
    Date: Tuesday June 21
    TeachMeet Hanes, North Wales
    Date: Tuesday June 21
    STEM TeachMeet, London
    Date: Wednesday June 22
    TeachMeet Brighton & Hove
    Date: Thursday June 23
    TeachMeet Clevedon
    Date: Thursday June 23
    TeachMeet Northumberland
    Date: Thurday June 23
    TeachMeet East Norwich, Summer Inspiration
    Date: Saturday June 25 (free goodie bags)
    TeachMeet Exeter
    Date: Tuesday June 28
    TeachMeet Brum - science and ICT
    Date: Thursday June 30
    TeachMeet Bolton
    Date: Thursday June 30
    TeachMeet Cymru: From policy to practice
    Date: Monday July 4
    TeachMeet Black Country, West Midlands
    Date: Tuesday July 5 #tmbc
    TeachMeet South of the River, South Tyneside
    Date: Tuesday July 5
    TeachMeet Saltash
    Date: Wednesday July 6
    TeachMeet Think Big, Pembroke
    Date: Wednesday July 6 - Develop thinking skills, collaboration, afl
    TeachMeet Christchurch
    Date:Tuesday July 12

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