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Teaching Year 1 to tell the time

Discussion in 'Primary' started by boakleesk, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am a student teacher currently working on my Maths portfolio - we have to plan a lesson for a year 1 group of children. I have decided to do telling the time. Can someone in the know please tell me if doing O'Clock and half past would be enough for 1 lesson or if I should also include quarter to and quarter past? I am not sure if it would be too much or not. The lesson has to be an hour.
  2. For year one I would stick to o'clock and half past. If you have some HA children you could extend them by asking them to read the time and then saying "what time was it an hour ago?", "how much longer until half past 3?" etc.
  3. For lower ability i'd stick to 'o clock'. They mix the hands up and find it quite confusing, so if the minute hand stays the same and they only need to read the hour hand it eliminates some of the confusion.
    MA - O clock, and half past.
    HA - As for MA, possibly extending to quarter to/past but it will depend on how able they are. My HA y1 aren't really able enough for this, especially as it may be the first time that time has been introduced to them. As the poster above said, a good way to extend but stick to o clock/half past is through your problem/solving and questionning - What time will it be in 1 hour etc.

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