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Teaching textbooks required...

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by wannabedramateacher, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. HI Everyone, I am startnig a Drama PGCE in September and need to buy/find/borrow a long long list of books. Does anybody have the following:
    Thanks in advance :)

    Fleming, M (1994) Starting Drama Teaching, David Fulton
    Neelands, J (2000) Structuring Drama Work (2nd Edition), CUP
    Neelands, J (1995) Beginning Drama 11-14, David Fulton
    To develop your understanding of theory further you might then read:
    O'Toole, J (1992) The Process of Drama, Routledge
    Fleming, M (2001) Teaching Drama in Primary and Secondary Schools, David Fulton
    If you are interested in the controversies within Drama teaching referred to in Fleming
    (above), you might also read:
    Hornbrook, D (2nd Ed.) (1998) Education and Dramatic Art, Blackwell

    and also......

    Beck J, Earl, M. 2003 Key issues in secondary education : introductory

    Bennett 2006 The Trainee Teacher’s Survival Guide
    Bolton, G. 2005 Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development

    Brooks,V. Abbott, I. Bills L. 2004 Preparing to teach in secondary schools : a
    student teacher’s guide to professional issues
    Butt, G. 2006 Lesson Planning
    Capel, S, Leask,2001 Learning to Teach in the Secondary school
    FalmerCohen, 1996 A Guide to Teaching Practice (4th Edition)
    Dann R. 2002 Promoting Assessment as Learning

    Darling, J. 1996 Gender Matters in School Pupils and Teachers Cassell

    Davies, S. 2006 The Essential Guide to Teaching Pearson Educ’n.

    DfEE 2000 Removing Barriers: Raising Achievement Levelsfor Minority Ethnic Pupils.

    Donovan, G 2005 Teaching 14-19 : everything you need to know about learning
    and teaching across the phases

    Haward, T 2007 The Practical Guide to Independent Learning Skills

    Kyriacou, C 1995 Essential Teaching Skills Blackwell

    Leask, M, 2005 Learning to teach using ICT in the secondary school : a
    companion to school experience
    Robertson, J 1996 Effective Classroom Control Hodder and Stoughton

    Wellington, J 2006 Secondary education : the key concepts

    Wood, D. 2006 The New Professional’s Handbook Phillip Allan

    Ellis, V. 2007 Learning & Teaching in Secondary Schools Learning Matters
  2. Hi, have you been accepted at MMU? I was just browsing for these books when this forum popper up. If you have any luck finding any of these books on the cheap, please let me know.

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