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Teaching staff or not? confused

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by kanddd, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Again at the end of the year, teaching staff were thanked for all their hard work. No mention of the TAs. Yet we spent loads or our own time ensuring end of term performances were up to scratch.
    When this was commented on TA was told to stop being emotional, of course TAs are part of teaching staff.
    Yet when training or other events, are organised TAs are not involved as we are not teaching staff?
  2. Hmm, tricky one. I have worked in around 15 different schools and we were always referred to as support staff. But saying that I think the head probably did mean you, its hard being at the top because everything you say is analysed.
    Regarding training, some teacher training really doesn't apply, but if it does all staff should recieve the training as it makes you all work on the same page. What I hope is that while teachers are having their training, you having some relative training as well?
    I think you probably pointing at a more deaper issue, is it fair to say there is a percieved underlying current of them and us attitude. As what is percieved is just as important as the truth.
    I do hope though that actually the head was just not been careful with their words.
  3. I agree, it sounds as though this is an ongoing issue rather than a one off.
    I think most TAs (and teachers too) have sometimes experienced the feeling of being 'left out' and 'invisible' within a school. I happens for various reasons: Schools are busy and you miss out on hearing the important information, possibly because you weren't in a meeting, you work part time, people asume you know etc.As an individual you may feel you have missed out on recognition that you deserve - again it is thereason for this that is important (a genuine mistake or a reflection of an attitude).
    I once arrived at school to find out that I was on an all day school trip - the person who forgot to tell me was really apologetic but I spent the day at a farm in court shoes!
    For me it comes down to the example that your Head sets and I know that our Head respects and values the TAs in our school. My role as a HLTA involves a weekly meeting with the Head. I pass any information on to the TAs and this generally ensures that TAs know what is going on.
    There are a couple of teachers at our school who can be a bit condescending but most teachers and their TAs have really positive relationships. Whilst TAs need to recognise that there is a heirarchy within school and that there are others in a more senior position it does not mean that TAs are second class citizens or should be treated in this way.
    Our Head treats everyone as a valuable staff member whatever their position and because of this our TAs would forgive an omission in naming them at a school event but it sounds as though there is a bit of a longer running issue at your school.
    Hope 2012 brings more positivity! [​IMG]
  4. I think you are reading too much into it. As someone else has alluded to, a simple comment from a senior leader can be overly scrutinised and wrong conclusions drawn from it.
    Enjoy the break.
  5. Our new HT calls the teachers "the staff" when we have a TA meeting. It used to really tick me off
    and all of us used to mutter "blimey are we not even classed as staff now" but now I just ignore it,
    I'm sure our HT doesn't mean anything awful by it, I think it's just an unfortunate phrase that isn't aimed at hurting us.
    You know that you are a valuable member of staff, you know that you have a contract and that you work in a school. I think that when we really care about our job, we can over analyse. It's just human nature.
  6. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Our current head also used to refer to teachers as staff but I couldn't ignore it - it's just so ignorant - what does she think the TAs, LTS, secretary, bursar, building services supervisor and all others people employed in a school are if not staff? I told her it was offensive and she has now stopped doing it - took her a while though! I encountered this is a school when I did my training (many, many years ago) and made a fuss on behalf of the permanent staff who moaned about it but never actually said anything!
    Previous head was absolutely insistent that teaching staff was made up of teachers and TAs but this head came from a different authority and it is obvious that they had a completely different attitude towards support staff generally, and TAs in particular.
    I would assume 'teaching staff' incuded me anyway as head has me delivering lessons in PPA time in seven classes every week!

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