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Teaching SRE to Y7/8 group. Help!

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by magicfenetre, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Hello.
    I am doing PSHE with my tutor group (they are between 11 and 13). For some reason they have never done any SRE/ puberty talk.
    I don't feel too embarassed to teach SRE, but I don't know how to do it either (I have never done it). Any planning ideas or links towards internet sites would be welcome....
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I used to be a head of PSHE and Citizenship in a Secondary school and I have got a scheme of work for yr7 SRE which looks at Puberty which I would be happy to send to you.
    I have also got some stuff on relationships that i have used with year 8 if you are interested.
    Just let me know your email and i'll send you a zip file
  3. Thanks!
    I sent you my email address in a private message.
  4. The Sex Education Forum is a great resource of you're not sure what to do and when. Good luck! http://www.ncb.org.uk/sef/resources/curriculum-design
  5. I work as a SRE educator working across schools in Chester and we deliver 5 core lessons (you can find all my lesson plans of www.blindfishides.com just click on the condoms to get to the resources). These lessons cover Self Esteem and body Image, Relationships, STIs, HIV (including Condom stuff) and Sexting. I don't have a full public lesson plan for puberty but can recommend from experience that giving plenty of time for questions (anonymous on slips of paper) is really helpful.

    Also if you can make sure they understand how fertilization happens and the structure of the internal female orgons it helps alot in future lessons. For example if they know clearly a women's inside explaining the complications from Chlamydia and the way different types of contraceptives work is a lot easier.
  6. Although this was posted along time ago... just wanted to share with you a new website www.easysre.net has resources for keys stages 1-5 that we have produced in collaboartion with NHS Walsall. Tell Me More is aimed at Key Satge 3 and would help with your search to find suitable resources. Free to register then reosurces very reasonably priced.

  7. feelinhappy2day

    feelinhappy2day New commenter

    OUR SRE county team are fab and also the school nurse is brill - always a good way to get these in. The SRE team prefer to focus on year 9 upwards here in staffs but they may go to 7 and 8 in your area if not the school nurse defo will.

    Good luck
  8. VDL


    Dove in collaboration with B-EAT, the eating disorder organisation are offering either a session for students or teacher training on self esteem specifically for this age group. It is just launched and demand will be high - see B- eat website

    Always and Tampax offer materials for both boys and girls. I don't know if they still offer their DVD but their animations of menstral cycle are really good - check out their schools website beinggirl and teachers website at https://aboutyou-school.co.uk/forteacher.do

    In the past 6 weeks there has been a thread on this website about a company that produces DVDs on this theme. I have bought them and been impressed with content and value for money.

    We have introduced into our programme an element that looks at online behaviour, photos, comments posted about people's bodies etc. and photoshopping celebrities etc. We use photos provided by our senior students of them now and when they were 12 to show how naturally your body shape changes. Some of the senior students have voulunterred to pop into the sessions to chat about how they felt then and now. This is people who were the tallest/ smallest etc not just weight. The most popular issues the 11/12 year olds like to hear about are braces and glasses. This has been hugely helpful in focussing on what is normal for us. You do need to brief senior students to check that they aren't going to talk about surviving on yoghurt etc. but it is a lovely piece of peer education.
  9. I can highly recommend the Dove resources as they always have been very helpful in my work

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