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Teaching Spirituality

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Owall, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Has anyone got any good ideas about how to teach spirituality to a Year 8 class in RE? In particular, I need ideas for intearctive learning! Any help will be greatly received!
  2. Hello Owall,
    To get the best response to your message you should post it up in the RE forum too. Here's a link to that forum area
    RE Forum
    Best wishes
  3. suesplays

    suesplays New commenter

    I write plays specifically to achieve this goal - of interactive learning. Having children read lively scripts, adopting role play, both teaches and engages at the same time. I am a total convert to this style of teaching and have a huge collection of plays, which I add to virtually every week. I think it works particularly well with 'sensitive' subjects like RE. I have a free script available off the site - it is on Martin Luther King and if you want a copy, you can get it off my website (details available on the Martin Luther King page - I'm not sure I'm meant to divulge website details on forum pages, which is why I'm not giving it to you direct!) I have just written a Christmas script on St. Nicholas bumping into Santa Claus - a lighthearted take on the background to each character, but with heavier underlying issues such as spirituality versus consumerism (if you wanted to take the discussion one step further). Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me via website or via something called PM (I'm new to this medium of communication so apologies if this is rather long winded!) Hope this helps! Sue Russell

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