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Teaching sentence punctuation

Discussion in 'English' started by Joannanna, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Oh give up, do. We all know you're trying to tell us that you now know you were mistaken.
  2. Inky, if you cannot understand that you are delaying learning when you are imposing a disabling spelling system, then you need to check your IQ! Tell me, what is 1 + 1 equals to? Jeesh! Some of you people cannot deal with change! If you had been running the show 500 years ago, we would still be asking monks to copy books!

  3. I have seen written sentences with the "but" clause without a comma. I think this is more a British convention. However, most people I know pause for one second (sometimes to catch their breath). Is there a no-comma convention in Britain for "but" clauses? If so, is it right?
  4. Yes, that is not a bad idea! However, the commas replacing the connectives can help, but one would need to talk about run-on sentences with the "ands"! Which one to take out? But, it can be done with good teaching.
  5. Rick O'Shea was pleased with this weekend's results.
  6. Ya! Ya! Trying to paint me as an idiot with your insulting one-liners. Bravo! You are a genius ... and a bully!

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