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Teaching SE Asia PGCE FE

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by kerryjb, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. kerryjb

    kerryjb New commenter

    Hoping for some advice please. I’m a fully qualified & experienced (10 years) English Teacher leading the KS3 department with previous HOD & AHT experience. I’m looking for jobs in international schools in Malaysia and Thailand, both teaching and leadership. I’m married with two kids and my question is regarding my husband.

    He is a college lecturer (12 years) teaching carpentry. He has a degree and PGCE FE. We are hoping he could get a job teaching DT in schools or possibly even maths (he trains maths teachers in his college in contextualising maths in the workplace) or PSHE (teaches this for his tutees). He would be happy as a teaching assistant or maintenance in schools also. (We are considering this move mainly for the experience while our children are young but also to see if it is for us in the long term). This will not be a decision just for financial gain (would go to ME for that!) but would like to ensure we can have a decent lifestyle and save a little bit.

    So, my question is how likely do you think it would be for him to secure a job in an international school with his experiences in teaching? Should I even broach it with schools or shall I stick to just looking for a single position for me?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. reg_mcledge

    reg_mcledge New commenter

    Definitely bring it up when applying - maths teachers are always a rare commodity and if a school is able to fill 2 positions (husband and wife) at once then this is much cheaper for them than having to pay 2 sets of relocation costs etc. Many people's spouses or partners are subsequently employed by schools and this is usually discussed further at interview.

    Some of the more reputable/best schools are likely to be pickier and in that case, there is always the option of searching for work at another school nearby...there are certainly plenty of international schools in Malaysia and this number is growing by the term!

    Good luck!
  3. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    I think he'd have a reasonable chance. DT is one of those subjects which schools sometimes struggle with, and if he is also able to teach some maths - even if it's only KS3 - then that would be seen as a positive for a lot of people.
  4. kerryjb

    kerryjb New commenter

    Thanks so much! This is somewhat of a relief to hear.
  5. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    Definitely possible for you both to get a position in the same school, especially here in Malaysia where new schools are sprouting up all the time. DT seems to be a cursed subject in my school - I am in my third year and have seen at least four HoDs come and go for DT!
  6. kerryjb

    kerryjb New commenter

    Thanks Rosie get, whereabouts in Malaysia are you based?

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