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Teaching Science with no resources

Discussion in 'Science' started by mfd1, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. make red cabbage indicator and test using various household acids/alkalis

    flame tests work really well with plain table salt (ok, it's only one colour, but it's a start)

    vinegar, bicarbonate of soda are a must

    filter paper for chromatography.

    If there any chance of getting a budget for science and spending it wisely?
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    You got Mg through security!
    Copper sulphate turns flames a nice green colour.
    Vinegar, bicarb, washing soda (sodium carbonate) can probably be bought.
    stripped electrical cable for copper, steel wool or nails for iron, Al foil,
    car battery acid for sulphuric, builders might sell hydrochloric acid (brick acid)
    I feel for your problems. It sounds as if you will have a bit of an uphill battle resourcing your department.
  3. susiejay

    susiejay Administrator

    You can buy hydrogen peroxide from the chemist and decompose it using warm yeast solution and washing up liquid (elephants toothpaste)

    make lava lamps using plastic bottles, water, oil, food dye and alka-seltzer tablets

    do you have equipment for electrolysis? or could you make it? then you could use the CuSO4. If you do have that equipment also electrolyse salt water to get H2 Cl2 and NaOH

    you can burn the magnesium on a blue bunsen flame and link it to particles

    Mg will displace the Cu in CuSO4 to form MgSO4 and copper. It will also produce Hydrogen gas which you can test for with the squeaky pop

    Depending on how potent your vinegar is you could put the Mg in that and it will give off H2

    Good luck!
  4. susiejay

    susiejay Administrator

    ........... Sorry for all the dots I don't know how to do paragraphs!
  5. Busstopjen

    Busstopjen New commenter

    Thanks for all the responses so far!

    I've just done red cabbage indicator with Yr 7- they loved it!

    I've used H202 from the pharmacy for my KS5 classes- struggling there too as the balance we have is only good to 1g- not the most accurate beast for doing potato osmosis! Ah well!

    Love the elephants toothpaste idea! :)

    I bought the Mg and Zn from ebay when I was home and put them in my checked luggage. It was only one roll of Mg ribbon so probably went under their radar ;)

    The other science teacher at the school has apparently demanded new text books for next year- so that's where next year's budget has gone. Great :S

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