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Teaching Salary and living Costs in Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by haddok, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. If your main priority is saving money, then I would hold out for something better. You are not going to save much on that salary, especially with dependents. A general rule of thumb is trying to save half of your salary (well, that's what I try to do myself, anyway). As it is, half of your wages will be gone by the time you paid your rent. I am not too familiar with Qatar, but my understanding is that the cost of living is fairly expensive.
  2. shabsyed

    shabsyed New commenter

    Thanks Haddock, this all totals 18642 QAR a monh which is about £3150 a month, do you not thik that after all expenses i ould be able to save £1000 a month on this salary? what range of salary should i be asking for, i have 4-5years experience, and can teach both IT and Business Studies upto A-level standard.
  3. Sounds doubtful. After rent you will have around 600 quids to play with if you want to save a grand. Between health insurance, school's costs, transportation, food (a big one) and occasional entertainment to keep you sane, I reckon it would be a stretch to save that amount. Not impossible, but difficult. But then again, I would defer to people like gulfgolf, qatarsoon and other Qatar old hands to give a definite answer.
  4. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    I believe it would be quite challenging to save on that package. School fees are high - what will those cost you per month? Add in the occasional vacation, the occasional treat of Saturday brunch or dinner in a restaurant that doesn't specialize in burgers and fries. Flight allowance is once a year, I presume. Will you stay in Qatar the rest of the year, or add in the cost of flying a family home for Christmas? Housing can easily exceed 7,500 per month, even for 2 bedrooms. Cost depends on size, quality, facilities and location, but with that allowance you'll have to skimp in at least one of those categories.
    I think you can live on that salary, but would have to be exceptionally frugal to save much.
  5. lostintheworld

    lostintheworld New commenter

    PM me for info....
  6. jereni

    jereni New commenter

    What about topping up your salary with tutoring? A friend of mine said he earned more from his tutoring than his actual salary!
  7. I was in Doha from 2008-2010.

    I would regularly save 8,000 of my 12,000 Salary per month. I did not have to pay for rent or utilities. I was also single so i had no family expenses.

    For 10,500 per month....and having to pay costs for 1 child at a school, food for all the family, and additional housing costs. I cannot see you saving £1,000 (6000 QR).

    • The internet cost: 200-250QR.
    • Entrance to the beach: 100QR per person.
    • Entrance to a Hotel beach club (Sheraton/Intercon): 250QR per adult.
    • Mobile phone bills: 100QR+ per month
    I would visit the bars fairly regularly, but was only a light social drinker. If i wanted to i could have easily saved an extra 1000QR per month (spending only 3000 per month), but i enjoyed eating out and watching the football games in bars.

    I left Qatar 2 years ago, so i would guess some of these costs have increased. But...hope this info helps.

  8. shabsyed

    shabsyed New commenter

    Thanks all, you information has been really helpful, im just looking at accomodation and am finding it really hard to find a 2 bed apartment for less than QAR 9000, i only have an allowance of QAR 7500 - is this realistic? I have found a place in the zig zag tower fully furnished but it seems far too cheap, have they missed off a zero? please see the link:

  9. shabsyed

    shabsyed New commenter

    Hi gulfgolf, i only have 1 child that will need to be schooled and she will have hers paid fo, do you think i might be able to find a cheaper place to rent? I really do want something which is fully furnished. I have found a few at the following link, but i dont know if these are good/realistic:

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