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teaching riddles year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ems03, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. hi, next week I need to do a week (probably only 4 days actually) on riddles in prep for the SATs after easter. I'm an NQT in yr 2 and don't really know how to go about it! The kids have researched a minibeast to use, but what activites can I do apart from just writing the riddles themselves? Need maximum impact in a short amount of time! Obviously for my highers, the structure of the riddle will be a focus e.g. start of with a clue that gives hardly anything away but I'm not sure what whole class activities to do throughout the week as it seems quite boring? My brain hurts and I can't think - any ideas from people who have taught this before are really appreciated!!!

  2. Weezy18

    Weezy18 New commenter

    'The works for KS1' has got some riddles in it I think.
  3. google Brighton and Hove year 2 riddle plans.
    they have a 2week unit already worked out.
    Someone on here mentioned it a oouple of weeks ago and it's very good!!
  4. sophiabullock

    sophiabullock New commenter

    he hamilton Trust has some brilliant plans which I'm using soon. They provide a few days plans on riddles and even provide a bank of poems and riddles for you to use. You do nee to pay £12 for a yearly subscription to the site but it's got some fantastic plans and resources on!
  5. sophiabullock

    sophiabullock New commenter

    I apologise for the mistakes in that post, I've had some vino!
  6. there is an error on the page and it doesn't work!!!!
    oh no!!! can anyone share the plans???
  7. yep, thanks!
  8. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

  9. perfect, next week's planning sorted!
  10. alwayslearning

    alwayslearning New commenter

    WOW!!!!! A million x thank you.
    Since returning to work after maternity leave I am really struggling to get my head around the new teaching frameworks, strategies and techniques. I've read through the planning suggested and I can truthfully say for the first time this year I feel confident- THANK YOU
  11. minibeast stuff is great as we are actually writing riddles about minibeasts!!! thanks for all these ideas!
  12. Felix do you still have a copy of the Brighton and Hove riddles planning and resources? As it has now been removed from their website!

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