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Teaching RE to challenging boys and girls in single sex classes

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Shabanita, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Morning All
    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for teaching year 9 pupils who are now in single sex classes due to very challenging behaviour and attitude. This seems to be worse in RE and so I am throwing out the curriculum and looking at doing something different next term to grab them. Any suggestions from anyone?
  2. Hi,
    If you are not following a GCSE course (we start the OCR Philand Ethics in Yr 9) then I would do a whole unit on film and examining the religious/moral issues.
    Bruce Almighty - what is God like?
    My Sisters Keeper - Medical Ethics. Do we have the right to play 'God' with our bodies?
    Chronicles of Narnia - The Christian story and allegory
    Vera Drake - Abortion
    What dreams May Come - ideas of life after death
    Bend it like Beckham - Sikhism and social cohesion

    I know it is not a film but if you are concentrating on issues - Euthanasia - use Dot and Ethel from Eastenders. On You Tube - always works with my yr 9s and they are usually challenging.
    I know exactly where you are coming from - my yr 9 are being a nightmare and the general attitude towards RE is hostile and poor. Keep tasks short, pace swift and interesting (my school is all in to collaborative learning and I have used with some success) and ask for support from Head of Year or line manger.

    Also build in an element of challenge /competion for tasks.May be a league table for groups and the winner of the half term gets a prize? If you can book ICT so students can do power points on the films they watch and the issues involved. Present to the class.

  3. Play to RE's strengths. Give them something to talk about/engage with.
    I'm now starting the 'Is it Fair' unit for WJEC and am about to start showing 'Remember the Titans' to reinforce the ideas of prejudice, tolerance and discrimination etc. I've also gone through various movie maker films of clips and key questions etc to get them thinking.
    They love giving their own opinion so give them the chance!


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