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Teaching Portuguese A Level

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by henriquedarce, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Ola', Lusofonos !

    I have started teaching Portuguese A Level (OCR specifications) and have been finding it very difficult to find support material, such as text books, teaching resources, etc, which are adequate for those specifications.

    Is there anybody out there going through similar situation ? ? ?

    Vamos conversar ! ! ! Lets's talk and share ideas, suggestions, and help each other.

    I work in a large inner city school in London, with a considerable number of Portugas and Brazucas, but nearly no one from Angola, Mocambique, Guine and other PALOP.

    Ate' logo!
  2. Ola! I too am starting to teach Portuguese Alevel - did you find any resources?

  3. I find it useful to look at Portugues XXI for resources actually.
    You find that most of the topics are covered by this textbook. However, i find myself constantly creating my own material to be fair.

    Hope the above helps!

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