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Teaching Photography

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by zillbill, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Hi
    I am currently teaching English and Media KS4 and KS5. With a background of Photography, I have put forward an interest to the school to teach set up and teach Photography at A-level.
    The school like the idea and are behind it but the idea of where it sits in the curriculum seems to be an issue. The Photography course is an Art endorsed course so has the title of Art: Photography. However the optional disciplines for the students to work with are film based, digital and, film and video. This, and my link with the Media dept. make me think it could work as either a stand alone subject or sharing resources with the Media dept ie. Macs and software.
    So, my question is - have any of you set up Photography as a course within the Media department or does it have to come under the Art department as it is an Art endorsed course?
    Any advice please, I would be so grateful

  2. My school launched a Photography 'A' level this year through the Art department. I'd have liked to have been involved, but they're very proprietary about it.
  3. hi there, i have just been scanning post in regards to teaching photography as its something i would like to pursue in a few years.....was just wondering how you had got on with the photography course? :)

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