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Teaching pay and conditions and Holyrood Elections 2011

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Freddie92, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Freddie92

    Freddie92 Occasional commenter

    With all the ambiguity over McCrone and our future as 'professionals' which party in the Holyrood elections will have the guts to stand up for Teachers and pupils in the election?

    After McCrone, Teaching finally became a decent profession again with decent pay and conditions. Now it seems they want to scrap it all and rip it up. What will happen? Massive defections by teachers going abroad or even just down south to England, or even people leaving the profession to other jobs.

    The press love to beat us over the head with their 'they have it easy' stick, but we need preparation time in order to prepare good lessons... in fact I would argue we need MORE preparation time to make our lessons challenging and stimulating etc.

    As I have said before, teaching is a unique profession in that we are being asked to be educators, social workers, entertainers, psychologists, politicians, policemen, bouncers, and babysitters. By anyone's gauge that is a pretty impossible job. In fact I believe teaching at present with all the redtape and extra paperwork IS an impossible job. Many of us have a limited social life which flies in the theory of work/life balance. Surely the health of a teacher - an adult - is as important as the health of any other job?

    Teaching is stressful and that is why we do need time to recuperate our mental and physical health as we are not all 25.

    The critics of our profession argue that attainment is down compared to teaching pay. This is a red herring. Teaching is not a profession that can be measured easily in terms of output. For a teacher in inner city Glasgow to get pupil A an Int 2 may be a superior achievement than a teacher at Leafy Academy getting his pupil an A at Advanced Higher.

    And please do not fall into the silly trap of comparing subjects or schools. That is a flawed argument who anyone with any actual intelligence would see. Every school has its own differences and also subjects have different forms of assessment. My own bug bear is that certain subjects have coursework worth about 40% of the final exam and is marked internally. Is that as fair and transparent as subjects that don't?

    If the politicians and press actually let teachers educate pupils and remove the redtape and paperwork then we may see progress. Also stop the dumbing down of our curriculum and return to effective disciplinary measures for unruly pupils. This is the reason our pupils are failing. In our PC society troublesome pupils with resolve are impossible to teach or reason with.

    So let's give power back to our Headteachers in terms of sanctions, and give teachers their jobs back.

    So who will win our votes? I think we may start seeing some wooing of the teaching profession by the parties. But we await February the 9th and the outcome of the 'talks'.
  2. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

    Freddie 92,

    I offer the following for anyone who has not already seen it as some useful history on fighting attacks on education and on teachers:

    Don?t Give Up - the Eternal Battle

    I also offer the following for anyone who has not already seen it as some useful links for information on teaching conditions elsewhere, including the expectation that teachers may do work at places other than their set workplace:

    This week's TES poll: Would you be prepared to spend more time teaching if it meant your school could avoid cuts?

    The issue will be determined by how hard, how long and how cleverly teachers and parents fight.
  3. Freddo, as sensible a post as I've ever seen on TES.
    Keep it up.

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