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teaching part-time after ill health retirement

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by artinearnest, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. i have been teaching part-time after retiring on ill-health pension (1996) before the rules changed about re-employment. can I get into trouble with the TP if I didn't inform them?
  2. You will off course have to be declared medically fit to return to teach. You should always declare to TPS. It would be unethical not to.

  3. Yes...it states quite clearly that you must let the TP people know if you return to work.
    I was declared too ill to continue teaching...and it was agreed that to continue would have an adverse affect on my health. It's like a line is drawn and your pension is worked out in terms of the years of earnings you have missed out on - so it's enhanced.
    No more teaching...
    Should you become fit enough to teach and then do so without informing TPS, it's akin to benefit fraud. You've had your pension under false pretences.
    I know there are two forms of ill-health retirement...one is the no-return one...which I have. I am not sure how the 'might recover enough to go back' one works....but obviously TPS will let you know, and should be informed if you carry on teaching.
    Each case is different. I suggest you phone someone at the pensions office and come clean.

  4. Sorry artin....I overlooked this bit and perhaps my last post doesn't apply, given the rules about re-employment weren't in force when you became ill and retired.
    It's good to know your health has improved, but I'd still explain what you're doing to the pensions people. THEY moved the goal-posts later, not you, but it's obviously playing on your mind that you've returned to work.
    Clarification, one way or the other, will put your mind at rest I hope.

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