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Teaching outside of specialist subject

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by becky_harg, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I was hoping I could get some advice here for a friend who is getting no support from her school.
    She is a science teacher and has spent almost the last year teaching science for her NQT. She is due to finish her NQT in about a month and since September has been taken off her science timetable and has been teaching maths (she has strong math A-Level). She is getting worried that if she is teaching outside of her specialist subject her NQT will not be valid.
    I am only in my NQT year and have asked my mentor but she doesn't seem to know either. Was wondering if anyone had some advice?
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    With only a month to go then it should not influence the induction ( assuming she has been assesed as meeting the standards and there have been no problems or lapses) There is a general expectation that NQTs should teach their ITT subject during induction and not be placed in a situation which threatens completion. If she has a Golden Hello pending for Science she needs to be teaching that subject in order to claim.
  3. NQT induction can be completed in a subject for which the NQT has not trained - teaching maths rather than science will not 'invalidate' her induction or status. The same standards must be met and no allowance is gioven for the fact that she is teaching outside her subject and it should be with her full agreement and understanding - if this has been 'forced' on her and as a result the school tries now to say that she is at risk of failing induction then she would hev very good grounds for an appeal against such a decision by the school, indeed the LA could reject the schools opinion and declare a pass.
  4. geogteachersaregreat

    geogteachersaregreat New commenter

    I need to ask about the bit where you say 'forced' to teach outisde the subject. I am a Geography teacher who has just started a job as a Humanities teacher, a designation I thought was because in year 7 my department runs a cross-curricular Geog/History/RE/PSHE course. I now find myself teaching discrete history to year 8 for 3 periods a fortnight, RE to years 8 and 9 for ten periods a fortnight, and a cross-curricular Humanities course to year 9 who are not ready for Geog or History GCSE 10 periods a fortnight. I only have 6 periods of discrete Geog, which is to year 8. I did know about most of this before the summer. I went along with it so as not too kick up a fuss and because I thought I had more Geog than RE - it changed to the above this week.

    Have I been 'forced' to teach outside my specialist subject??

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