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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Chatterbox1607, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Could I please have a copy?


    Thank you x
  2. Oops - that thanks meant for rossgomcjeff - the Talk for Writing pack.
  3. Thank you so much for the information - really useful, easy to follow and great ideas for grammar games - thank you again!
  4. Pleasure. Please keep in touch on the forum about your progress, ideas and resources this year! It will be hugely beneficial to everyone.


    I have sent out the talkforwriting packs by the way, so check your inboxes.

  5. MillyStar

    MillyStar New commenter

    Please may I have a copy?

    It's nataliecwood@hotmail.com

    Thank you
  6. done and done.
  7. ERU

    ERU New commenter

    I'd love a copy too please: eru.shop AT gmail.com

  8. I would be really grateful for a copy of your talk for writing resources. Thank you.

  9. beckyjessica

    beckyjessica New commenter

    Could I also have a talkforwriting pack please sootyandsweep10@hotmail.co.uk
  10. Please could I have a copy...rossianddede@yahoo.co.uk thanx
  11. Could I please have a copy? Thanks smiffy85@gmail.com
  12. please may I have a copy of your talk writing resources

  13. Hi, sorry for the delay. I have just sent these packs out. A few people have emailed me asking if they can see any examples of the work produced. These can be found on the talk for writing forum here;


    Thanks! Any problems just send a message either on the forum or directly and I'm happy to try and help. Questions are better posed on the forum because you may ask a question others would find helpful too!

    Have a good week everyone

  14. Please could I get a copy

  15. Done and Done.
  16. rossgomcjeff please could you send me your talk4writing stuff please? korchard@wollescote.dudley.sch.uk
  17. rossgomcjeff, thank you for sharing. May I also have a copy of your talk4writing pack please. ukkiwisioux@gmail.com
  18. Could I also have a copy please? gilmour.rachel@gmail.com

    Many thanks
  19. I would also appreciate a copy please: MarkArnold_Work@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you very much.
  20. These have gone out.

    Don't forget! You can now also join our 'talk4writing' forum on the TES website. Where people will be sharing resources, planning, advice and training from EYFS through to KS3 and everything in-between!

    The forum can be found here;


    Note: You can now found my planning for an 'Explanation' text for year 3/4 under the 'resources' page. Where it is free to download.

    Make sure you come back with YOUR planning to share and improve on by offering it on our forums to other 'talkforwriting' members!

    with metta,


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