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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Chatterbox1607, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Hi could you please send me a copy of this - am going to be introducing TFW wholesale in school - thanks! .... larry@ptaltd.co.uk
  2. I would really like a copy please. Thank you for sharing

  3. I've PM'd you.

    Many thanks.
  4. Pink n Fluffy

    Pink n Fluffy New commenter

    Sorry to b a pain but could I also have a copy it sounds really interesting. Many thanks in advance:

  5. I have sent you all a copy including training materials for school wide implementation.

    If anyone requires a look at finished work produced by Yr3 or Yr4 children under this scheme please contact me and I can pass that information on specifically.
  6. artspecialist

    artspecialist New commenter

    Hi, please could I have a copy?

    Please could I also have a look at the work produced by the Y3 children too? Sounds fantastic :) Thank you very much,

  7. Here you can view the children's first attempt at talk4writing. They were writing an explanation text. Explaining how to find and collect fairies and pixies.


    Focus was on; text type, asking a question of the reader, offering encouragement and variety of connectives.

    Hero's is an outstanding example I have to say. While Tom could barely write when he arrived in the class that year and struggles to read.
  8. Please can I have a copy? My email is tempster76@hotmail.com. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Please may I also have a copy? It sounds very useful. I have sent pm with my email address. Thank you for sharing.
  10. The writing examples shared by rossgomcjeff above are great - they really show how talk for writing gives children the language and the tools to write great texts.

    Thank you for sharing!
  11. Thanks Elizabeth, it was our first attempt and we are looking to push on this year with it, but the early signs and encouraging if you do the whole process and see it through. I will let the children know how well you thought they had done when I get back to school.
  12. Please check your inboxes everyone as I have sent out a fresh load of materials to the people who have requested recently. Any questions just ask!
  13. Please can I have a copy? My email is nbalar21@gmail.com. I will be teaching year 3 this september ,new to me. Thanks.
  14. Oboejane

    Oboejane New commenter

    Please could you email me a copy? This would be a huge help as I embark on my NQT year.


  15. Could you send me a copy please and the 3/4work if possible?


  16. Please could I have a copy

  17. Many thanks for the documents you sent me. They are really useful and contain some great ideas.
  18. Rossgomcjeff. Very helpful infor. Especially the ideas for grammar games. Thanks
  19. Thank you, they look good.
  20. Can I have a copy too please? Jengriff83@hotmail.co.uk


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